Saturday, June 28, 2014

Asking the Universe for a Spiritual Awakening

If you want a spiritual awakening, try asking for one.  Many people live by the old adage, "God works His wonders in mysterious ways."  Whether or not you believe in God, this is a fabulous saying.  Do the other steps that can help you go in the right direction; have faith in the spirit of the universe, have the desire to change, and empower yourself to make those changes in your life.  Be bold!  Be brave!  And don't be afraid to ask the universe for signs and signals of how you can be doing a better job.  If you're allowing yourself to be guided by what begins to pop up into your heart, you're beginning to move along the right path.  However, you also must be hungry for it.  You need to ask the universe for help.  It sounds a little strange, I know, but vocalizing your wishes and aspirations out loud can go a long way toward the universe hearing your call.  Thoughts are things.  Words are stronger things, and actions are stronger still.  Use all of your abilities to communicate in order to ask the cosmic forces around you for the power for this transformation that you desire.  Show your need in words, deeds, and thoughts.  Mean it.

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