Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Limitations of Your Past

Everyone has his or her own history.  Sometimes, your previous accomplishments can propel you in to bigger and better achievements.  However, it can also work in the opposite way, as well.  Your failures, your mistakes, and your losses can also freeze you into place.

What you need to remember is that the past is just that -- the past.  Today is a new day, and you can do things in a brand new way.  You don't need to ride on the coattails of previous successes.  You don't have to allow former mistakes and screw-ups to limit your current abilities.  Yesterday's terrible choices may have resulted in difficult predicaments for you today, but that doesn't mean tomorrow will be equally awful.  Make better choices today.  Turn over a new leaf.  Develop new habits, start new mindsets, and begin trying new ways of doing things.

Instead of allowing past hurts and losses to keep you afraid from living in new and healthy ways, take that chance.  Know that self-improvement can be hard, but it is a doable and workable thing.  Life can surprise you.  Just try it and see.

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