Monday, February 22, 2021

Manifesting Money Fast: The Attachment Rule

  So to really know what’s happening with your manifestation, you have to learn to listen to what the mind is telling you. Here are some ways to do that:

Use all your senses, especially your ears. Hear what’s in your heart, which is the primary key to knowing the mind. Whenever you feel unhappy, happy, or frightened, let your feelings flow. It’s important for feelings to be processed, and (if they don’t serve your greatest good), released.

Be mindful of your body as well as your kind, and experience what you feel holistically. Be totally honest with yourself. 

Acknowledge what’s happening. Is there depression about something in your past? Is it anxiety about something happening in the future? Is this excitement about something that’s coming up? Whatever it is, this is what the mind is saying. Then let it go. 

Practice non-attachment. Remember, you’re not attached to anything in the external world. It doesn’t matter if you get what you’re wishing for. The mind doesn’t judge. It doesn’t care about anything in the external world.

In that way, when you see things happening, you can take a non-attached attitude and let them be.

Be happy for the blessings that you do have. If you’re still doing all of these things and not manifesting just what you want... that’s okay. Keep going. The universe delivers in its own time, so trust the process.

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