Sunday, March 21, 2021

Tricolor Cannabis-Themed Beaded Necklace with Gems

Frannie from SpiritClique recently completed her latest art project. We love this fun beaded necklace — just in time for spring! Check out more of SpiritClique’s spiritual lapidary art at the SpiritClique Etsy shop.

My first step was to create the color palette.  I went with a standard tricolor here because I wanted something bold and festive, that would show the gleam of the stainless steel off to its best advantage!

The color yellow has a deeply spiritual vibration that is interpreted in similar ways throughout human culture. As the color we most associate with the sun, yellow symbolizes life, renewal, and community. People with a yellow aura tend to be friendly, strong, and (despite the western’s association between yellow and cowardice) bravery.

Red is often associated with the planet Mars, plus all the strength and creativity that comes with it. In China, red is strongly associated with good fortune. In the western world, we associate it with physical strength, passion, and power. It’s no wonder that people with a red aura have a strong and vibrant life force!

Many cultures attribute qualities like healing, fertility, and relaxation with green. It has been proven that the color green can help people center their thoughts and get to a more logical place mentally. It’s also associated with the earth, plant life, and the heart chakra. Green aura bearers are naturally loving, brought to earth as healers and helpers. Green is a lucky color, combining the energy of yellow and the tranquility of blue. And of course, it’s the color of American money and cannabis — making it a great choice for this project.

These three colors together can symbolize many things. Lots of cultures use this color combination of red, yellow, and green: Pan-African culture, Rastafarian spirituality, Malaysian traditions, as well as the flag of the Lithuanian people. 

As a proponent of medical cannabis and a person of Lithuanian ancestry, this color combo has a special place in my heart! I chose to use lemon-yellow micro beads for this project because I had a lot of leftovers from my ongoing khokhloma project — but also, I wanted the piece to be warm and summery. Plus, making yellow the dominant color in my palette removes any assumption that this is a Christmas necklace. Not that the weed focal isn’t also a huge tip-off. :)

Beads. I chose sunny yellow Czech micro beads (11/0) for this project. And may I say, the 11/0 size is starting to become a fav to work with. :) Green crystal bicones and shimmery metallic Czech glass beads add more body and diversity to the piece. 

Metals. My chosen focal is a cannabis silhouette glyph made of brushed stainless steel. I love using steel in my pieces because it’s tough as hell, easy to care for, and fun to work with. Mars is the planetary correspondence of iron, and it’s also my main ruling planet. Iron is also the metal correspondence of Aries, which is my zodiac sign. And of course, as a daughter of miners, steel makers, and iron workers... it’s a perfect medium for me!

Gemstones. Because I’m working around a cannabis theme, I decided to choose two types of gemstones to represent the two basic weed types: soothing indica and invigorating sativa.

Flanking the cannabis focal are three beads made of natural shell dyed in red, yellow, and green — these are my soothing indica stones. Mother of Pearl is a fantastic choice for organic jewelry. Associated with the moon, throat chakra and solar plexus chakra (especially in yellow and green!), these ethereal shells are also linked with the psychic realm. It’s a wonderfully healing gem for people with anxiety or those who need healing in negativity-filled situations.

My sativa choice just had to be the lively, energy infusing emerald! I added about a carat of emerald beads to the center of this piece, keeping it close to the heart chakra to add all that fab green energy. Emerald is one of my favorite gemstones to use for its fun loving and exciting vibe. It’s the birthstone of May as well as a gemstone of Taurus. It is one of the world’s most precious gemstones (along with diamond, ruby, and sapphire). Many old-world religions strongly associated emeralds with love, more so than virtually any other jewel. And it’s no wonder — the emerald reflects the green power of the heart chakra. Emeralds can help us rediscover passions for people and things that seem a little boring; it helps to heal depression, raise self-esteem, and invigorate the soul.

I also have this piece in a white/blue combination with howlite! But that’s a story for another time.

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