Saturday, December 24, 2011

Blue Benefits of Sapphire Therapy

Crystal therapy is great to use in conjunction with scientifically-approved medical treatments. This New Age practice can make you feel wonderful; when the mind is relaxed and happy, it can enhance well-being and promote physical healing. Try it! 

One fabulous gemstone to add to your crystal therapy repertoire is the sapphire. The word itself comes from the Greek word "sapphieros" which means "blue stone," although at the time, this moniker probably referred to what we know today as lapis lazuli. While sapphires are often all shades of blue from the palest sky-blue to the deepest navy, they do come in other colors as well -- such as pink, yellow, green, purple, even black and white.

The magickal properties of sapphire make it a very versatile stone. They are excellent for promoting happiness and love, including faithfulness to a lover, as well as clarity of thought. They also are reputed to have specific healing powers. For example, the standard blue sapphire is associated with the throat chakra which is represented by the color blue, and therefore many choose to use it for helping this area of the body. It can be of particular benefit to people who use the voice for a living: singers, public speakers, or voice actors.

Other sapphire colors can have specific applications as well. Many colors of sapphires are said to be beneficial to the heart chakra, especially green sapphires, which also aid the immunities to help keep your body healthy and strong, and pink or purple sapphires which are often instrumental in filling the seeker with love and spiritual enlightenment. Black stones are often used for protection and to keep one's outlook balanced, and the black sapphire is no exception to this rule.

A sapphire which is used for therapeutic crystal ritual reasons can come from any source you like. Just make sure that it is a natural stone (not a "lab" sapphire or "created" stone). It is not hard to find sapphires in their natural, unpolished state, but if you prefer to try jewelry-quality stones which is already be set into a wearable piece, then you have the convenience of slipping the sapphire on and off your body as you need it.

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