Friday, December 16, 2011

Spells, Prayers, and Rituals Defined

In the simplest sense, all spiritual practices, such as wishes, rituals, spells, and prayers, are all essentially the same.  They are thoughts which we consciously guide toward a certain direction; when we pray or practice spiritual activities, they have the power to change our very lives.

When you are requesting help from the divine in order to achieve a certain goal, each request and thought can have a very specific effect in the form of your desired outcome.  If you ask for a spell, ritual, or prayer to be performed for you -- or you practice this yourself -- you are requesting divine intervention to help repair an area of your life which you feel needs a little help.  Therefore, you must understand that wishes, prayers, and other rituals are very important practices.  These are spiritual tools which are designed for serious and specific purposes.

Throughout human history, we have used these types of practices across all cultures.  Spiritual practices such as alchemy, reiki, shamanism, druidry, kabbalah, wicca, santeria, voodoo, prayer, hoodoo, hermeticism, religions of all types, and more have been instruments to affect changes.  Even the simple power of positive thought and meditation can be beneficial in times of turbulence or whenever a life change is needed.

Some spiritual and religious practices benefit from the use of tools such as talismans or other tangible items for more effectiveness.  These can include candles, herbs, religious amulets, the drawing of symbols (such as Christians making the sign of the cross), and many other types of methods to manifest change.  However, you do not always need to use "hard" goods for these purposes.  It can be as easy as putting your hands together and praying, or sitting in a comfortable spot to meditate and reflect on manifesting the desired changes.  Requesting aid from your higher power, or any Divine presence that you choose to work with, is the most important aspect of any spell, prayer, or ritual.  The other items may help to center or focus the requester, but they are powerless without the intention within you.

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