Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Crystal Grids and More Layouts for Healing & Cleansing

Regardless of whether your actions are positive or negative, the theory of Karma will keep you responsible for your behavior.  Whatever you live and present to the universe is the same energy that you will come to receive in return.  Often, we carry our karma with us from lifetime to lifetime.  At times, it may be necessary to heal the damage from the past which is carried over into the present life.

Crystals can play a part in the healing and purification of this damage.  As your karma is repaired, you will be more able to move on with your current life in a more positive and meaningful way.  

To utilize crystals in this way, hold your favorite cleansing gemstones with your fingers or lay them against your "third eye" in the middle of your forehead -- this is your sixth chakra, the brow chakra, which deals with our natural intuition. Lay these crystals in the desired position around your third eye, and allow them to cleans and purify the area.  This can help to reduce or even eliminate stagnation or congested energy, making way for the fresh and vibrant stuff which is waiting to cross over.

You can also use what is called a "crystal grid" for a purifying ritual.  This is just a technical term for any type of arrangement of crystals.  If you place multiple stones on yourself, your meditation space, or another person for healing in any shape that you desire, it can be referred to as a crystal grid.

The best shapes to use are religious and spiritual shapes that are meaningful to you.  Try a cross, a star of David, a pentacle, crescent moon, or other mystical symbols that represent your higher power.  If you'd rather not use a religious symbol, try using other shapes that are positive and promote healing -- for example, hearts, stars, a peace sign, or even a smiley face.  Some crystal aficianados will say that there are specific rules and symbols that will be more powerful than others, but my personal feeling is that you will never be steered wrong by your own intuition.  Choose the shapes that are meaningful to you.

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