Saturday, August 25, 2012

What Does a Yellow Aura Mean?

Yellow is a bright, warm color within the aura spectrum.  This hue corresponds to the elements of air as well as earth, with a nod towards fire.  Yellow corresponds to the Solar Plexus chakra, and is a versatile and uplifting color.  Yellow aura bearers tend to be dreamers, and they often dream big.  Those who possess this auric shade can often enlighten and uplift those around them with their positivity and genuine interest in helping other people.  However, don't let this uplifting shade fool you; there is a "dark side" to the yellow aura as well.  While there is a tendency to cheerfulness and helpfulness, there is also a talent for glibness, and in some people, the ability to maniplulate and take advantage.  This auric presence is truly a unique one.

Pastel yellow, contrary to many of its yellow-hued cousins, is actually found in the auras of shy, introverted people.  While the concern for others and clarity of thought are present, the people skills aren't always there.  This person would do well to try coming out of his or her shell to deepen their yellow aura hue a bit.

Maize yellow, which is another pale shade of yellow resembling uncooked corn, can also indicate introverted tendencies.  However, this aura bearer is not nervous or shy; they are simply unaware of others' feelings or presences.  This shade is often found in daydreamers or "clueless" types of people.  The maize aura is not necessarily bad, but is often a work in progress, and thus is more likely to be seen in younger people -- or in older folks who haven't quite grown up!

Sunshine yellow (think of Big Bird!) is a tremendously positive and confident representation of the yellow aura.  The sunshine aura bearer's enthusiasm and enjoyment of life is contagious to all those around him or her.

Lemon yellow
is a deeper shade than sunshine.  While some see this shade as an indication of shaky confidence and a perpetual fear of loss, it is also important to realize that lemon yellow auras can also reflect a tremendous inner strength which can override these fears if the bearer possesses enough tenacity.  If other colors are present in the aura, especially reds, browns, or blues, this fear and worry can be offset by practicality or self-soothing capabilities.

Goldenrod is a dustier, dimmer yellow which tends less in the direction of outward chipper tendencies, and into a more calm and inspirational ability.  These people can charm and motivate with their natural charisma, but must be wary of a tendency to take advantage of others.  Look for other aura colors to help strike a balance.

Mustard yellow is a more intense version of the goldenrod aura.  However, these people will often manipulate or control other people, usually without realizing that they're doing it.  Be careful of someone with a mustard aura -- they are not beyond help, but it's not easy for a yellow aura bearer to change, and even tougher to come to the realization that they need to change.  Try some aura polishing techniques if you need a positive change.  Every aura is different, and different things may work for various aura colors and aura patterns.  Do what feels right for you!

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