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About Spells, Hexes, & Curses

Since ancient times, even the most primitive people have had spiritual beliefs.  Sometimes, the spiritual customs of a people would be called wishes, prayers, even spells, hexes, or curses.

Of Spells...

A spell is basically the same as a wish or a prayer.  Basic magickal workings involve rituals of some type.  Most of these involve the spoken word.  Words are thought to be manifestations of thoughts, which may in turn bring about desired deeds or tangible manifestations, whether good or ill.  Words and prayers hold power within them, as any religious officiant can tell you.

Physical rituals can be combined with these words to add a dramatic flair or to specify to the universe more information about the desired outcome.  This type of ritual is called "sympathetic magick."  However, rituals needn't be this complicated.  A few spoken words, a few moments of meditation, even a hand gesture or two may be considered enough for a ritual to be effective. 

When a magickal ritual was considered effective, the actions which were taken to bring about the desired outcome would be written down or recorded in some way, so that they could be used in the future.  And in this way, the practitioner's Book of Shadows was born. 

Ancient Egypt is one of the best examples of the early recording of spellwork.  Rituals were written, complete with ingredients and directions about how to intone any specific words which were used.  Here is an example of an ancient Egyptian spell that was used in order to counteract or to protect against food poisoning:

O Sakhmet of yesterday, Wadjet of today,
You have come and replenished this table of [name]
Just as you did for your father Re, when you came forth from the cult city of Pe.
Protect [name] with that papyrus wand of life which is in your hand, in that name of yours of Wadjet.
Shoot your arrow against all the food of him who shall speak against [name] by means of any evil matters. Let a slaughter be made of them, like that time when you overpowered the enemies of Re in the primordial age, in that name of yours of Sakhmet.
Your offerings belong to [name]
He is Re from whom you came forth.
So long as he exists, you will exist, and vice versa!

Of Hexes...

A spell is said to stay enforced until it the power is specifically neutralized or cut off, either through the original spellcaster, or through another who works to neutralize negative energy.  It can also dissipate naturally if the practitioner does not continue to supply the energy or direction.  Spells and hexes will fizzle out over time if they are not reinforced.  Naturally, strong belief in this magick is a key component to its effectiveness.

Hexes are also known as curses.  As with spells, hexes are also thoughts, words, or rituals -- or a combination of all three -- which are expressed or used for a specific outcome.  Hexes, unlike spells, are always the projection of negative energy including hate, fear, jealousy, or any other destructive, negative emotion or intention.  The more energy that is gathered and directed toward a spell or a hex, the more power it is said to have.

Belief is also a necessary component of this type of magick as well.  Fear or uncertainty, whether conscious or unconscious, can intensify the ill effects for the recipient of such a spell. 

It is also a said that negative energy acts like a magnet, attracting more negative energy to the one who has cast the hex.  Therefore, you must be extremely careful when you choose to work this type of dark magick, as it will almost certainly backfire and wind up hurting you even more than the person against whom you are casting.  When at all possible, choose to cast benevolent and loving spells rather than vengeful or harmful hexes. 

Egyptian Spell Source: Univ of Chicago

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