Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Q&A: Color-Changing Purple Aura

Recently, I had an anonymous question which was asked on one of my other posts.  My article about the purple aura had prompted a question from a mystery reader:

"in response to so my aura is a contstant purple, a mix between dark and light yet the ONLY time it has ever changed is when i become angry.. what does this mean?"

My answer is:  Fear not, Anonymous!  This is the sign of a completely normal, healthy aura.  Each aura is unique,  and aura patterns can contain many different shades of colors.  When you're dealing with high-stress situations, or experiencing intense emotions, the aura may change in color, pattern, brightness, or consistency.  For example, a person with a smoky grey aura might be depressed or self-absorbed, but perhaps during a time of crisis, the aura may lighten or change to another shade (say, a pale sky blue which indicates wisdom and sensitivity) as he or she gains awareness of his or her surroundings.  A solid aura may develop a sparkling texture, indicating the presence of a divine guardian, during stressful times as a departed friend or relative might be looking over your shoulder just when you need it.

Another possibility is that you are young or just not quite finished growing to your highest emotional potential.  As a result, your aura may change quickly as you flash from one state to another.  You might be experiencing a period of turbulence which makes the aura more quickly changeable than those of other people.  As things even out over the course of your life, you may experience more consistency in your auric shade.  Another thing that might help are some aura cleansing techniques.

Do you have any questions for me??  Please, feel free to leave me some comments and I'll be happy to post answers in an upcoming entry! :)

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  1. Q&A: I wasn't sure how to ask a question. Anyway, I was always told that I have salmon colored aura that is far reaching however I was stopped by a woman on the street who told me she never saw an aura as blue as mine. .She even asked me to come with her because she wanted her son to see my aura. Is this strange? Or do you think this woman was pulling my leg? My mother told me that my aura has been pink since she first laid eyes on me she says it's never changed. I haven't seen my mother in months. I was wondering if being away for a short period of time could affect my aura? Thank you so much ...


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