Thursday, May 9, 2013

Using Reflexology to Help Baby's Earache

Reflexology is a fabulous method in the arsenal of wellness.  Coupling new-age (and age-old) methods with scientific medicine can really bring about some wonderful benefits for the soul as well as the body.   Reflexology is non-invasive, comforting, and can work well with conventional medicine to ease physical ailments.

When your baby is ill, the most important thing on your mind is to help ease the little one's suffering.  One of the most common physical ailments of childhood is an earache -- even for adults, the pain and discomfort of an earache can be just unbearable.  

Shanti Burgess, an herbalist and reflexologist, of Happyzine, a New Zealand website which offers information for health and happiness, endorses reflexology as a way to help soothe the stress of earache.   To ease the discomfort of an earache, Burgess suggests working on the toes, particularly the last two toes on each foot.  She also recommends working on the "the spleen, thymus, upper body lymphatic points, throat, jaw, cervical neck, diaphragm, and adrenals" to help ease baby's discomfort.  Check my reflexology chart here for more information on those particular parts of the foot.

And, feel free to look at Happyzine's article, How to Soothe Your Three-Year-Old's Ear Ache By Pressing Points on Their Feethere, to learn more about using reflexology for an ear ache.

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