Saturday, June 8, 2013

Are Spells Evil?

A lot of people have visited my site, wondering if spells are evil.  The answer is NO!

A spell is basically the same thing as a wish, a prayer, or form of meditation.  There are often rituals involved.  A spell can be done for good things, or (like any of the other things I just mentioned) bad things.

As a professional psychic, I try to steer people away from doing evil spells, wishing harm on others, or praying for other people's harm or failure.  The universe has a way of sorting those things out for itself.  If you commit harm on another person in thought or deed, the harm will come back to you.  Therefore it's much better to cast spells, say prayers, and make wishes for good things only.

I have also cast spellwork for clients as well, but I insist on only focusing on good and positive things, and I ask the assistance of only positive forces to aid me!

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