Friday, June 28, 2013

The Benefits of a Spiritual Awakening

The positive advantages of a spiritual awakening cannot be underestimated.  Inside yourself, you can gain a newfound sense of peacefulness and calm that will carry you to heights you have never imagined.  You will become braver and more confident, as well.  Because you'll become more comfortable, kind, and loving with yourself, you will feel a lot less lonely when you're alone.  You can keep much better company with yourself, as you'll become more introspective and have more thoughts to process and enjoy.  Although someone may have had painful and sad experiences in the past, the spiritual awakening can make a person stronger and more self-aware, so that painful memories do not hurt as badly as they might have done earlier.  You also become more able to appreciate the here and now; the gifts that the universe has given become more precious and meaningful when you put them into perspective and realize your good fortune.  What you don't have becomes far less important to you, and you feel much less focused on material wants and more trivial issues that seem to matter so much less in the grand scheme of things.  Fear and uneasiness may be replaced by a newfound sense of calm.  Your new faith can give you a pervasive sense of inner strength.

The benefits of a spiritual awakening do not begin and end with your sense of self.  Interactions with other people will also be improved.  You shall find yourself being less judgmental of others, more open-minded and more accepting of those who live their lives in ways which are different than yours.  One of the reasons for this is stronger connection that you'll feel with other people; simply by experiencing your own spiritual awakening, you will be able to put your issues into better perspective, and understand where you fit into the world better.  Thus, you can connect and interact much better with other people.  You will feel a renewed sense of love and faith toward humankind, as well as experience more tolerance and acceptance of others.  A spiritual awakening often enables people to feel less inclined to argue that our ways are the best, or the right ways; and that others' ways are the wrong ones.  Because you are also more confident and happy, you feel better about sharing with other people.  Your giving nature and loving tendencies will emerge stronger than ever, as you share of yourself without the anticipation of receiving anything from others in return.  The simple act of giving and sharing your blessings will bring you more happiness once you've come to understand the joys of giving of yourself.

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