Thursday, June 6, 2013

Astrological Symbols Chart

It has come to my attention that some people who are visiting the site for astrology information may not yet know what the symbol for their zodiac sign is.  So I've created a quick reference chart for those who are interested. :)

When you think of the sign, Aries, consider the ram.  The symbol for Aries looks just like a ram's head, with its horns.

The sign of Taurus corresponds with the bull.  Its symbol looks like a bull's head, with horns sticking out on each side.

Gemini is known as "the twins," and its astrological symbol represents this too.  The symbol for Gemini looks like the roman numeral 2 (II).

Cancer is often represented as a crab, and the astrological symbol for Cancer can be thought of as a crab inside its shell.  It also looks to some people like the number 69.  See the circles of the 6 and the 9?  I always think of them as the crab's eyes, which are surrounded by a shell.

Leo is the lion, of course!  The symbol for Leo is a small circle with a long, winding tail.  I associate the long tail on this symbol as a lion's tail, and the circle as the lion's mane.

Virgo is usually depicted as a beautiful virgin maiden.  Some schools of thought say that the symbol for Virgo is thought to represent the female sexual organs.  The "loop" at the end is closed, as the female virginity is intact.

Libra's astrological glyph can easily been interpreted as the scales.  The top curved part is where the scales join, and the line below is the balance of the weights.

Scorpio's astrological symbol is an "M" with a pointy tail.  Just as Virgo's symbol appears interpreted as sexual body parts that are closed, the Scorpio glyph is open and ready to strike, which is a good metaphor for Scorpio's passionate lusty nature.

Sagittarius is often represented as a centaur, or a human archer.  As such, the zodiac symbol for Sagittarius is an arrow.

Capricorn has been called "the goat," and you will often see the sign represented as a goat (obviously).  Sometimes, though, the goat has a fish tail -- this may seem a bit confusing to some, as a "mer-goat" isn't really common!  But the tail tends to symbolize Capricorn's mercurial and cool nature.  You can see that the Capricorn symbol is like a fish-tailed goat in profile: the goat's horns on the left, and the fishy tail curving on the right.

Aquarius, the water-bearer, has an easy zodiac symbol to remember.  It is simply two squiggly lines, to represent the waves of the water.

Pisces is "the fish" as is its constellation in the sky, with two fishes bound together with a thread.  Its glyph hard to imagine as two fish, but it does kind of look like two fish tails merged together, one on top of the other.  It can also be interpreted as two fish heads facing one another, with a line joining them.

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