Thursday, August 29, 2013

Does God Exist?

Regardless of your faith -- take a moment to imagine that God does not exist.  (If you are an atheist, this should be easy!)  Envision our lives as simply... being here.  We are born, be live, and we pass into oblivion.  The rest of civilization continues long after us; they carry the memory of us for a time.  Our genetics are passed down, but other than that, we ourselves are gone forever.

And now, ask yourself... is that really so bad?  Would our lives cease to be meaningful?  Would we love one another any less?  Would our lives be less of a struggle than before?  Would we care more or less about our lives?

Perhaps some of our ideas may shift.  Without thought of a Hell as punishment or a Heaven as reward, some of our behaviors would likely change a bit.  We may find that we live more in the moment with our behavior, our words, and our thoughts.  We may realize that instead of looking to the heavens for consequences, we can find those rewards and punishments here on earth, with our lives being created in the image of our own personal heaven or hell.  Instead of looking to God for help or being annoyed with God when live isn't up to our own expectations, we would look inside ourselves.  And the power to change our situations would exist solely within us.

Instead of blaming God for the things that go wrong in your life, try taking responsibility for your actions and situations in life.  Look around; are there things about this world that bother you?   Awful things happen every day, to so many people.  You have the power to change a part of the world, however small that part is.  Instead of blaming God, or expecting God to pick up the slack, try jumping in and helping.

Don't wait for heaven.  Create a heaven in your own lifetime.  Be good to others.  Use the powers you have been blessed with, to create change when you see a wrong that is in need of correction. Enjoy every second of your time on earth.  Love those around you.

Whether or not you believe in the existence of God is not the issue.  What is the issue, is how you choose to live your life.  Regardless of how we came to be on this planet, here we are.  This is our home, and it is our responsibility to take care of it as well as to show positive regard for those who share our home.

You can begin anytime.  You must understand that, regardless of your beliefs, that concept of God does exist.  God lives within you and me, and everyone else.  God is that perfect, loving part inside your heart that wants to do the most good possible, and to believe in the goodness of our fellow humans.  Honor that part within yourself and others by creating positive changes in the world around you.  Change happens slowly and starts small.  But it can begin with you.

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