Sunday, September 1, 2013

Having an Awesome Life, Lesson #9: The Miracles of Kindness

Are you feeling depressed?  Bogged down by your problems?  Annoyed at just about everyone else in the world?  Maybe it seems like others have an easier, funner, better life.  Perhaps you're feeling bored, stuck in a rut, or just plain inadequate.  Maybe you have no idea what direction your life should be taking.  What can you do then, you might ask.

The secret to this is actually very simple.  If you're having trouble getting your own life to the place where you want it -- whether you've lost your way, or feel at a loose end -- you can find a way to feel better in a snap.  Try showing some kindness to others!

Helping other people can give you a whole new lease on life.  It can make you feel like a hero, because that's just what you'll be.  It can help to eliminate boredom, because it will give you plenty to do and lots of satisfaction with doing it.  You will always have something on the agenda if you try volunteering for something, doing charity work, and connecting with people who share your values.  Helping other people can also make your problems seem really small and much easier to handle than they do now; by focusing on others and seeing issues that are truly devastating, it makes your complaints about the annoying co-worker who chews with his mouth open a lot more trivial and manageable.

Remember that you don't need to go running off to your nearest non-profit organization in order to help someone.  Flip through your mental inventory of loved ones, friends, family, and neighbors.  How about shoveling the snow off of your neighbor's car while you're doing your own?  Next time you're making dinner, throw twice as much in the pot to cook and take some over to a friend who's too busy or tired to make some for herself.  Offer to do some errands for that sick relative.  Even spending a few minutes to help make someone else's day a little better can do wonders for them as well as for you.

Best of all, you will get so much personal satisfaction out of helping other people.  It's better than the self-esteem boost, the extra activity, and the inner makeover of your own issues.  The great feeling that you'll get from being one of the good guys, and from seeing others benefit from your efforts, is one of the most awesome things you can experience.  And that will carry over to some serious awesome life points!

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