Friday, June 20, 2014

Light Workers, Indigo Children & the Galactic Federation of Light

Is it true?  Maybe.  It's interesting to think about. :)

The Galactic Federation of Light possesses technological advances that are extraordinarily ahead of our own. They see how the universe functions and the way of our world. They have a significant understanding of awareness and how to fuse its utilization with their own technological advances.

All things considered, their understanding on the exact fabric of our universe permits them to travel through time and space with great ease. Additionally, they can replicate anything from virtually nothing, basically by utilizing replicators that can reassemble molecules and particles. It is additionally possibly that these beings can allow things to manifest simply by the use of their conscious will.

The Galactic Federation of Light is a united alliance of spiritual creatures from a remote part of the universe, a large number of which resemble humans.

The Galactic Federation of Light come from other planes where they draw upon divine forces to promote better, more peaceful life. They are thought to be loving and delight in working for the advancement of others within the universe. They are even often prepared to lay down their own lives for the well-being of other beings.

These beings are far different from more sinister forces, whose purpose is to drain energies and harm others, causing disharmony and annihilation in their wake.

Those within Galactic Federation of Light comprehend the unity of all.  They dwell in a state which is known as "Full Consciousness" which is a multi-dimensional awareness that connects us all.

People on Earth are still limited in our perception and many of us have limited ability to understand the oneness which connects us all.  However, we are slowly evolving to have this consciousness returned to us.

Earth with her occupants is continuously viewed as a young planet by our more advanced human siblings of the Galactic Federation. Our more established space siblings are diligently taking care of us, their family, to assist us in advancing to the era which is known as the Ascension.

Despite the fact that the Galactic Federation of Light is here to support people throughout this exciting time, they are for the most part prohibited to meddle with the choices that we make. Their plan is to make us gradually aware of their presence.

Thusly, many of these very developed entities from the Galactic Federation of Light have been born here on Earth and live among us to help and to heal us, and to provide us with information about this universal consciousness.

Our world is seen by these beings as a world much like the Orion. It is viewed as a planet of darkness, though we do have some light as well.  The Federation is attempting to further illuminate us and help us to reach our fullest potential.

Those on Earth who are incarnated in order to help the planet now, must bring about more lightwork into this world, both now and in their future incarnations, so that we will be prepared for the Ascension.

These lightworkers are often known as Indigo people or Indigo children.  There are other names as well -- Crystal Children, Star Seeds, Wanderers.  These people are thought to be highly evolved humans which have celestial ties to the Galactic Federation of Light which are often yet unknown to them.

The Forces of Light are comprised of very advanced souls.  A number of these are presently on earth, either incarnated as humans, or in their spiritual form.  Among these are emissaries from the Angelic Hierarchy or the ascended Masters of the Federation who assist us here on Earth.

For quite a while the Galactic Federation of Light have continually postponed their intentions for First Contact due to a threat of mass obliteration at the hands of the Orion faction if First Contact occurs.

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