Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dream: Black Angel Rabbit

8/4Dreamt of a "black angel rabbit" -- somehow, we were visiting Italy & the home we stayed at had facilities for bunnies. I went for a walk (looked a lot like home) and I saw him. He was a beautiful baby bunny with a broken leg, and he sort of dragged it behind him. It looked like there was green planty things (burrs or edamame?) stuck on his foot. I picked him up to carry him home, worried about predators and cars. He struggled to get away. He opened his mouth and screamed at me, seemingly terrified for his life. I petted him and tried to be reassuring. The bunny was mostly black, with a tiny bit of brown mostly on his head and face. His ears were long and kinda skinnyish, up-ears but a bit on the floppy side like Seamus. He reminded me a lot of Seamus, but looked "wilder" somehow. When we got back to the house, I put him in a bunny "cage" area  without bars. (Phineas and Jarvis were possibly there.) There were lamps and a fake log, as if for turtles in an aquarium, but way bigger for bunnies. They knew they weren't supposed to leave the area despite lack of enclosure, but I worried that they wouldn't take kindly to baby bun, or that baby bun wouldn't know that he needed to stay put. I think we called a vet to look at his leg. Strangers lived in the house, and they spoke Italian. We were definitely just visiting, didn't live there. I also looked something up about "black angel rabbit" or "black rabbit angel" on the internet; apparently (in the dream) there was an anime character by that name. I wanted to name the bunny Angelus.

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