Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dream: Pissed-Off Aunt

I don't remember a lot about this dream, except that I was staying in New Jersey with my aunt & uncle & cousins. (I don't know if I was younger in the dream, or the age that I am now.) Apparently, my cousins and I had a curfew of 11:15, at which time we had to go in the house. We were swimming, and it was way before curfew but I wanted to re-negotiate with my aunt for a curfew of midnight. She said no, and I got really pissed off -- like extremely pissed -- and so I ran around the yard, punching at the air. At one point I punched the air near an archway made of tree branches. She got super upset and started screaming that I punched at the archway and broke it on purpose. (I did swing my arms and punch around them, but did not make contact.) The tree archway was unharmed, but she kept insisting that I ruined it and demolished the trees. She screamed for her husband, yelling that I ruined their archway even though I didn't.  I woke up around that point.

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