Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dream: Lindsay Lohan's Bracelets

Another weird celebrity dream. I can't tell which part came first, and which came second, so I'll tell it in the order I remembered it when I woke up.

One part was about Lindsay Lohan! Apparently, she had to pay some sort of fine for something, or she was dealing with her legal issues, and was ordered to sell this set of bracelets that she'd been collecting all her life. Tearfully she talked about how her father had been giving her a bracelet every year on her birthday, and they had some sort of "key" that activated speakers inside. She cried that when she turned 18 he was giving her all the keys for them (even though she's been over 18 for some time), and even though a judge ordered her to do so, she didn't want to part with them. Somehow I was given ownership of the bracelets, though an auction or something. She was very upset, and cried, but did give them to me. Then a bunch of rowdy party-girls who looked like they stepped directly out of a Jay Z video came in and when I said I needed help carrying all the purses the bracelets came in (they each came in individual purses, all very elaborate), the ladies snapped into action and we all started piling on these purse straps to our necks, arms, and all around our bodies. There were some pretty purses that I remember... a black one with skulls and fuchsia hearts on it (my favorite, I said) and a yellow and blue leopard one that was pretty and sheer, I told Lindsay she could have it since I didn't feel right about keeping them all.

Then I was at a buffet in a cruise ship or hotel, and a family came to ask if I'd let them sit with me. I said OK, and we sat awhile. The waiters were very attentive but the buffet line was long. I went up to get some seafood lasagna, and remember thinking it looked soooooo good that I took a TON of it and there was a big mound of it on my tray. I confided to the guy next to me that I was in an amorous mood, and he asked if I'd like to have sex with him. Then I was embarrassed, because he was only like 20 and I wasn't really interested. Then I went back to the table and visited with the family. They were all very nice and we had a good time. I don't remember what the lasagna tasted like, though!

Then there was a part where I was in a store kind of like Gabriel's (irregulars) and I was looking at shiny pairs of granny panties. They were pretty and came in all colors - magenta satin, green satin with black lace, silver lame', all kinds of enormous but flashy old-lady underpants. I kept looking and looking, but I couldn't find any in my size. They were all huge-looking, but the size tags indicate that they were too small. I may have bought some anyway just to give it trying them on a whirl.

That's all I remember!

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