Saturday, September 18, 2010

Positivity Magick That You Can Do Right Now!

Sometimes, we all need help in being more positive.  This entry isn't exactly about spells, but more about actions that you can do -- actions are ALWAYS more powerful than thoughts!  Here are a few constructive ways to help attract positivity and banish negative elements!

1.  Banish physical negativity.  As I said above, negative elements will drag you down so that you won't be useful to yourself or anyone else.  The easiest and best way to counteract the worst of the negativity is decluttering your space.  Get rid of things that you don't need or want, and charge them with positivity by donating them!  You'll be doing three positive acts by completing this step:  eliminating unwanted items in your life, doing good by donating the items, and giving them a new life with someone else.  Win-win-win for everyone!

2.  Next, start focusing on what's right with your life.  Make a list if you have to.  Include all of your favorite qualities about yourself, the people that you love, and talents that you possess.  Realize that you are a unique person, and there are already wonderful aspects of your life that you probably are taking for granted!

2.  Reach out and enhance the good stuff.  Use your list and reach out to these positive aspects.  Do good things for the people you care about.  Pursue an interest that is relevant to your talents.  This doesn't have to be a major step.  Even dropping a nice text message to your friends, or leaving a Post-It on somewhere that your partner will see it, can create warmth and love around you.

3.  Pamper yourself.  This doesn't mean that you need to go into debt buying yourself a new car or an expensive wardrobe!  Take pleasure in the small things that make you happy.  Luxuriate in a warm bubble bath, something special for dinner, or even give yourself the gift of time to simply enjoy great music or a good book.

4.  Do good for others.  Just as our first step is an easy way to help someone else by helping yourself, you take that intent one step further.  It feels wonderful to give to other people.  Choose a charity or cause that you agree with, and donate some time or money to further the cause.

5.  Figure out "problem areas."  If there are aspects of your life or personality that you would like to improve, start by determining what they are.  Can you live with these faults and learn to accept yourself more?  Or is it important for you to change them?  Tackle them one at a time, but don't beat yourself up for not changing overnight.  Things take time.  Be patient and forgiving of yourself.  This will increase your positive outlook -- improving yourself, but forgiving yourself and giving yourself permission to make an occasional mistake in your progress.

Photo credits:  The gorgeous pictures in this entry are courtesy of Pink Sherbet Photography.  Check out the website to see tons of stunning and inspiring pics!

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