Saturday, June 11, 2011

Twitter Help Badges!

I got my Twitter account a couple of months ago, but haven't really used it much.  During the past 2 weeks, though, I've been logging on each night and scanning the world's tweets for people in need of help -- questions that need answers, advice that is sought... and sometimes, if I pick up some good energy, I will tweet back with a constructive and positive answer.  I've gained about 15 followers in the last few weeks alone, mostly people who enjoy hearing what I have to say or those who have had a nice chat with me.  It feels good to actually CONNECT with those who follow me, or people who are just being conversational.  I don't want a BS Twitter account with a bunch of people never hear from me personally.  (I've also enjoyed doing my recent weekend horoscope.  Maybe I'll start making it a weekly thing if I have time, who knows?)

Anyway... today, I'm so excited to announce that I've been awarded the Twithelp "Bronze Helper Badge" for my recent Twitter interactions!  Yeah! :)

I've always felt that helping others was its own reward, and I still do.  But nevertheless, I still appreciate the recognition.  Thanks, @Twithelpme and @Twithelpbot! :)

When I tweeted my badge success, I earned another one for using the help app.  Feels a tiny bit like a "certificate of participation," but what the heck... I've earned it, so here it is! :)

Here's my page on for those of you who are interested.  I look forward to helping other people, and I have to admit, it would be nice to collect some badges along the way.  But giving assistance is also pretty awesome in and of itself. :)


  1. Hello, all of the users gained their Twithelp "Bronze Helper Badge" has seen disappeared their badge if any was embedded in their web site like me. The related web site is no more accessible; it seems that only its twitter account is still running at @twithelpme What to do now to see displayed again it please?


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