Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekend Zodiac Predictions

I decided to Tweet a couple of weekend predictions. These are based on readings that I did for each sign... just look below and find yours to gain some extra insight into your weekend... viola! :)

Weekend #psychic #prediction for #Aries:
An emotional man around u will create some tension this wknd.
There's someone in your life, likely a male, who's often emotional about issues. Chances are that he'll be blowing up a bit over the weekend. Just try to be understanding and put things into proportion. Be understanding.

Weekend #psychic #prediction for #Taurus:
#Love is in the air this wknd. U're #sexy & u know it!
It's true: this is a fantastic time for Taurus to strut his or her stuff. Ordinarily you're quite sensual and sexy, but this weekend -- WOW.  You're particularly attractive and alluring now, so enjoy revelling in your power and the heads you'll be turning.

Weekend #psychic #prediction for #Gemini: 
U have some hard #work ahead this wknd, but it'll pay off.
You will have some opportunity for fun over the weekend (especially Saturday afternoon/evening), but try not to make it too much of a late night. There are other matters which need your attention right now. Play your cards right, and you could wind up reaping quite a bit of financial benefit from this work!

Weekend #psychic #prediction for #Cancer:
Someone's been trying to annoy u. Steer clear!
Someone is definitely trying to start trouble with you or someone close to you; they're vying for attention due to some jealousy and/or resentment. Ignore them if you can. Focus on improving your own life, rather than indulging them with any extra attention.

Weekend #psychic #prediction for #Leo:
New information leads to #financial #gain in a creative way.
This is an inspiring time for Leo. The abundance won't be coming immediately, BUT the inspiration will. Check with the people around you to see if anyone nearby shares your vision, or is willing to lend a hand.

Weekend #psychic #prediction for #Virgo:
U feel stuck in a rut lately but stay there 4 now. Changes soon.
Stagnation can be so very frustrating, but right now is the time to rest, relax, and plan. The time for action will come soon enough, but this isn't it -- just yet. It's now time to think and prepare for the future, but not yet to act upon your notions.

Weekend #psychic #prediction for #Libra:
A situation will turn in ur favor, so try 2 be fair 2 the loser.
You're not usually a sore winner, but in this case, you should be even more gracious and understanding. That isn't to say you can't enjoy your king-of-the-hill status; but know that no one likes someone who's obsessed with tooting his or her own horn. Be modest. :)

Weekend #psychic #prediction for #Scorpio:
Nostalgia. Enjoy memories of past; dont worry abt future now.
You've been inundated with feelings, memories, and thoughts that evoke the past. Use these inspirations to get in touch with those you may have put onto the back burner. Reconnecting with those who are meaningful to you will not just reinstate some great memories, but will create more for the future.

Weekend #psychic #prediction for #Sagittarius:
Get ur head out of the clouds.Reality's better than u think!
You're yearning for something that's not currently attainable. While fantasies are often a source of comfort for you, you have been much too "dreamy" recently. Look around you -- what's right in front of your face is pretty terrific too. Revel in the reality; there's lots to appreciate.

Weekend #psychic #prediction for #Capricorn:
Someone close 2 u needs extra help. Be there for them!
Capricorns are known for their steady, hardworking nature. It's not uncommon for people to look to you for that dependable personality. However, someone's being rather quiet about their feelings. If you sense that someone needs you, help them. Don't wait for an engraved invitation.

Weekend #psychic #prediction for #Aquarius:
Spend time w/ those close 2 u & make the most of it!
Nothing is more wonderful than being with those who are near and dear. You've been needing a bit of TLC from your buds for awhile now. See if you can schedule it within the next couple of days. Make it fun and low-maintenance; fill this weekend with healing laughter.

Weekend #psychic #prediction for #Pisces:
An important realization ahead; will help a recurring problem.
Just when your time seems to be darkest, you will be presented with an unusual realization. This information is like an epiphany; it will serve as a stepping stone to enable you to deal with an issue which has been plaguing you for some time. Keep your mind open and your heart strong.

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  1. You're right on..reading all of these ..and applying it to the different people in my life..totally right on!


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