Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Choosing Your Personal Power Gemstone

Since time immemorial, humankind has enjoyed the power of gemstones.  They have been used as amulets, talismans, and magical objects to enrich their lives in all manner of ways: for love, health, luck, and power of all types.  The modern person can still believe and benefit from the power of gems.  They can be worn to compliment your wardrobe or to enhance your personal style, but they can also be enjoyed for the same spiritual reasons that our ancestors once utilized them.

Every gemstone, like every person, is special and unique.  There may be two stones which are cut exactly the same way, and even from the same location, but nevertheless there will be subtle differences between each and every piece.  You don't need to choose the same stone as the one that your best friend or lover's stone; however, if you do, just know that even though they may be similar-looking, the energy of each is different.  If you have specific issues and problems that you wish to counteract, try seeking a stone that will help to filter out negative energies or direct them to another source.  Doing a bit of research is easy and will help you to choose just what you need.

Some people use birthstones as their lucky stone, which can be a wonderful idea!

JANUARY:   Garnet, pink (rose) quartz
FEBRUARY:  Onyx, amethyst
MARCH:  Aquamarine, bloodstone
APRIL:  Diamond
MAY:  Emerald
JUNE:  Alexandrite, pearl
JULY:  Ruby
AUGUST:  Peridot
SEPTEMBER:  Sapphire, lapis lazuli
OCTOBER:  Opal, tourmaline
DECEMBER:  Turquoise

Finding ways to carry gemstones on your person can be challenging, but so worthwhile!  Try incorporating them into jewelry, such as earrings or pendants.  These are great for women, but not always so easy for men to "carry" off.  Rings work well for people who don't like fussy jewelry, even a simple one will work well.

You can also decorate your home, workspace, or even your car with crystal -- A friend of mine used to have a tiny corked glass bottle hanging from her car mirror.  In the bottle was a bunch of different gemstone chips.  It was a pretty conversation piece, but it also made her feel inspired and able to harness the vibrations of her favorite gems.

Another quick word of advice: While using gem stones can't hurt you, and could possibly help, do remember that the real power is inside YOU!  Having faith and working toward your goals, while using whatever methods you prefer to enhance your positivity, will help to result in a wonderful new you. :)

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