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Your Personal "Colour Ray"

This is another personality quiz-type writing which has circulated online for decades.  Enjoy!

What colour are you?  This is an interesting subject of which many people are unaware.   It is suggested that we are all made up of different vibrations, which align directly with the colours of the rainbow.  These are known as The Rays.  Although we are a jumble of all these colours, there is one predominant Ray that is said to relate to each individual.  Scroll down and see which one most clearly describes you.

NOTE: THE RAYS should never be thought of as being destructive in themselves, for they come from the Light of Pure Goodness.  However, in the density of the Physical Plane, this may become distorted sufficiently to effect destructive behaviour in less evolved souls.  Extremes of any Ray can have negative results.

The Red Ray of Will and Power.  People born under the Red Ray show excellent qualities of leadership.  They have extraordinary energy, and great strength, power, courage, and enthusiasm, with a persistent driving force as their keynote.  National rulers, high ranking officers, and those seeking authority and power for the advancement of humanity, are often born under this Ray.  They are also found amongst the greatest athletes and and defenders of the land.  There is often a strong "elemental attunement" to nature, and an innate understanding of the secret hidden forces of the animal and plant kingdoms, as well as the human mind.  People of the Red Ray of those who take initiative in business or other areas of oranisation and control.  There is nearly always an exceptional interest, if not participation in politics, although the motive generally would be in no way manipulative, but extremely direct, idealistic and forthright in approach.  However, with the pressures of the present day political arena, it can have its destructive influence, leading to a tendency towards aggression, and sometimes even war in the urgency to retain authority.

The Orange Ray of Knowledge and Science.  Those of the Orange Ray are born with a questioning logical mind. They are critical and clear thinking, ever seeking to find the reasoning behind the many illusive facets of life.  They are great moralists, with a strong sense of duty to their fellow man; looking deeply into the ethics of every situation, and are extremely individualistic in thought and action, for they live by high principles.  There is a strong belief in themselves, and their ability through education, to control their destiny.  Being so independent, they will likely insist on doing things "their way", unless it is proven to be unrealistic.  The Orange Ray is the ray of the scientific mind, and people of its vibration are both creative and objective in attitude, analysing events of importance with great accuracy and attention to detail.  It is not surprising that many of those in research are born under this Ray, for they believe that knowledge and experience is the key to wisdom.

The Yellow Ray of Art and Harmony through conflict.  The Yellow Ray is the ray that seeks to overcome confusion, and restore harmony from out of diversity.  It is the colour of the artist, who takes the profusion of the many accents of colour, and creates beauty in its greatest expression and form.  As Gandhi, through silent contemplation, sought to bring order out of confusion, so the people of this Ray search to uncover true peace from out of conflict.  They are often the catalysts of society, sparking into life a potentially dangerous situation yet, in doing so, forcing others to look into themselves and, through the pressure of diversity without, find unity within.  People of the Yellow Ray are refined, ascetic, far seeking and creative. They are those who dominate and mould the different cultures of the lands, and have been recognised as profound teachers through example.  They have a great impact and influence on humanity for they have the secret of the art of true living, and call attention to the need to strive for achievement.  What they give, they expect to receive and, once set on their goal, they seek to progress and grow, no matter what opposition may beset them, for they are contented and hopeful in the knowledge that an outer confrontation is only a struggle by which we inwardly evolve.

The Green Ray of Active Intelligence.  Those born into the impulse of the Green Ray are both mentally alert and clear in intellect. They have exceptional ability for planning and the formation of structure, hence they are often found in industry where construction and economy are necessary. Economics and Finance are likely their forte.  These people are dependable, reliable, with a tendency to live by certain rules of procedure, but there is a certain unity of purpose found within themselves and their loved ones.They are family people, working with both physical and mental agility to preserve the traditional foundations of the home.  Those of the Green Ray are capable of both clear active thought and constructive intelligence, and they are often the material that lawyers are made of, for they are well able to pursue an abstract principle to its final conclusion.  They believe strongly in the power of love, when directed under the control of constructive aims.  Many times these people have a persistent sense of destiny, believing that they have been chosen for a specific task to complete in life, and will often tolerate extremes of hardship in order to attain that end.  However, it is rare to find these people in conditions of financial difficulty, for their innate intelligence is attuned to avoiding such problems by careful planning, and active application.

The Blue Ray of Devotion and Idealism.  The Blue Ray is the ray associated with the Crusader.  People of high idealism, who fight ardently for a cause, and show great intensity of purpose towards their beliefs.  These people are often devoted to the aid of the "under-dog", for they are driven by the spirit of service to mankind, and an urgency for a Utopian Society.  In many cases, they are predominately religious but, even if otherwise, they often carry their "truth" high in the air, like a placard, for all to see; spreading the "word" with enthusiasm and happiness.  Many religious leaders and idealists. seeking Justice for the People, find prominence under this Ray, for their ardent devotion to a cause will likely sustain long after others weaken.  However, it is only the unevolved souls who can become bigoted in their direction for, mostly, these "messengers" urgently need to share their beliefs with those of others.  Yet in some ways, there is a certain fanaticism within the nature, leading these people to a single-minded and dedicated attitude, which upholds them and others in times of crisis.

The Indigo Ray of Love and Wisdom.  This is the Indigo Ray of endurance and love, and, those who are part of this stream of force are the seekers of lasting peace and truth.  Their motivation is magnetic and persisitent, portraying a unity of purpose throughout their nature, which often brings others to find solace in their company.  Those of the Indigo Ray are the sustainers and observers of life – receptive, adaptable, gentle "confessors" of humanity – and are known, by their example, as the healers and philosophers, who walk the path of wisdom.  Within all things, they search for understanding and the unity of common ground, and are well able to sacrifice their own needs for the welfare of others.  The keynote to the destiny of these people is love and charity in relationships and therein lies their true power, for they can become a fortress of strength for those of less endurance than themselves.  Their need to express their love is balanced in harmony with another’s need to receive.

The Violet Ray of Ceremonial Order and Ritual.  The Violet Ray is associated with the consolidation and control of energy which links the Higher with the Lower, or Spirit and Matter.  Those born under its vibration seek order and perfection in their lives, and are greatly disturbed by harsh aggressive behaviour, or anything that disrupts the smooth and well ordered running of their every day circumstances.  Their habits are constructive and well organised in ritual, even when involved in the most mundane of tasks.  These people are the architects of life; intuitive and perceptive of others, yet innately aware of their own inner direction.  Although sometimes rather traditional in their love of ceremony and order, there is a certain inner restlessness to the character, which seeks to concentrate their aspiring energy towards a definite object or goal.  There is normally a strong belief in the dominance of unseen forces, and many practising magicians of quality are born under this Ray, who attune themselves admirably to the fluctuations of Nature and her seasons.

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