Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tarot Love Reading

This week, I was hired to do an online tarot reading.  Like many of my clients, this one was curious about an ex with whom she was considering a reconciliation.  I was sensing that while the difficulties that the two of them had in the relationship weren't horribly destructive, her ex still had a bit of growing up to do.  My intuition was saying that he still needed some time before he'd be ready to give her what she needs, but this is a woman who is strong and impressive in her own right.  The reading itself is probably of little interest to my readers, but I wanted to post it here for posterity.  It's not too often that I get to *write* a reading for someone -- usually I just tell them what I see!

The spread that I used was the classic Celtic cross.  The deck is called "The Universal Tarot Deck," which is basically a classic Rider-Waite deck with more vivid, updated colors and details.  I really love this little deck when I do readings for clients -- the cards are a nice compact size, and they come in a cute little box.  They feel wonderful in my hand, and the updated version on an old classic has made me pay attention to those little aspects of the Rider-Waite that I'd never really noticed before.  I highly recommend this great deck for beginners and experts alike!

1. Your current situation. I drew "The Empress." When considering your question, I would interpret this to mean that you're extremely creative, nurturing, and strong -- especially where relationships are concerned. You're the kind of woman who can take care of her man, but you also have strength in your own right. You need a guy who's going to be able to match this strength, and respect your independence as well.

2. What's "crossing" you. 9 of Wands. This card gave me a sense of positivity, and perhaps some over-optimism. While it's very important to have a positive outlook and lots of hopes in dealing with your relationship, it's also important to keep your feet firmly on the ground. A lot of times, we want someone just because we can't have them -- this isn't necessarily the case with you, but you need to guard against that part of yourself which is forgetting the hardest parts of your relationship. Unless the issues surrounding your breakup are resolved, then you and this guy are doomed to repeat the same mistakes!

3. Your past. 4 of Wands. When I see this card in the "past," I often think of good experiences, and success after a tough struggle. It can also indicate being reunited with someone after an absence. I know that the two of you have broken up, and you're considering another try -- this card shows that your relationship did have its peaks and valleys. The tumultuous nature was exciting -- the arguing was draining, but the making up was amazing. It's understandable that you miss that connection with him!

4. What's beneath you. 6 of Wands. This card represents the qualities that you possess, which you'll need most in order to resolve this situation. The 6 of Wands speaks of a strong determination (notice the soldier marching into battle). It shows determination; once you have your mind made up to do something, nothing is going to stop you from achieving it.

5. What's above you. 8 of Cups. When a card is above you, it means that this is one of the aspects of your life which you need to start thinking about -- doesn't mean you need to address it immediately, but know that it will be appearing on the horizon. The 8 of Cups, as you may guess from the picture, is about moving on with your life. (Cups is often about emotional well-being, relationships, and love -- so it's very interesting you'd have this here!)There is a risk involved with this card, because you will be venturing into unknown territory. This can be extremely scary for some people, and they will put it off as long as they possibly can. But, remember, as the "Empress," and with the 6 of Wands beneath you, I feel you have a LOT of courage and tenacity. You can definitely succeed in this, and you're sensitive enough to changes to work them out and grow from them.

6. Short-term future. 9 of Cups. Again, cups is about emotional well-being and relationships. The 9 is one of the best that you can get -- in this placement, it represents good health, happiness, and positivity -- as well as a BIT of a proud streak! I see a streak of good luck coming up your way, and if anyone deserves to brag a little, it's you. :)

7. Hopes. Knight of Cups. When I see a knight, I think it as being something you need to act upon. Each knight suggests different ways to handle an area where you need to take action -- this one is not moving quickly, but is instead stopping and contemplating his next move. In this placement, and considering the question you asked, it also means that your wish for a reunion are very solid, but this time you've learned your lessons through the past -- you should definitely take things slow!

8. Fears. 10 of Wands. Like the picture of this card, the 10 of Wands addresses the heavy burdens in your life. Your worries about your relationship (and I sense, a lot of other aspects of you life) center around the fear that there will be too many problems, or that the problems come too quickly, for you to handle. However, this isn't likely to happen. Again, with the strength of the Empress, you have a lot more strength than you give yourself credit for. And this card also represents that although you may struggle under the weight of the occasional heavy burden, it will never be more than you can carry.

9. Family opinion. 9 of Wands (Wow, you had a lot of wands!) This placement can be either your biological family, your close friends, or people that you live and work around regularly. From this card, I would sense that some of the folks in your life have some reservations about you reuniting with your ex. I know that I told you before, he isn't a bad guy, but he does have some growing up to do. Unfortunately, because of the past problems you have had, people who are close to you don't always see him favorably. Plenty of them think that you deserve to be with someone with less issues, or at least someone who will prioritize you over other things which may be less significant. (Please keep in mind that their opinions aren't always right, this is just how they feel!)

10. Final outcome. Ace of Swords. This placement is the culmination of all the other cards. I see this as a beginning, but not a beginning that starts off quickly or easily. In fact, just the opposite -- there will be lots of challenges in the next phase of your life, particularly where the subject of your question is concerned! From this, I would say that your relationship with him could be quite strained, and if the two of you chose to continue the relationship, there will be plenty of things that have to be addressed. However, since you do have the strength and also the practical hopes in position #7 (Knight of Cups, who wants to go slowly and carefully) I sense that you have the willingness to see it through and try to work on the issues.

11. Any other information? I always pick an extra card when I lay these out, just to see what else I can find out when someone asks me a question. (It's not part of a typical Celtic spread, it's my own twist!) You got the Wheel of Fortune card. It's one of my favorite cards, because it refers to the way that life goes in cycles and that you can find patterns wherever you look. Paying attention to these patterns can help you learn how to address bad situations when or if they come around again; or to notice the good things sooner so that you can maximize their impact on your life. It also represents good luck, karma, and blessings -- which I sense that you have a lot of in your life. Somehow, you're always able to find your way through a problem, and you have the natural ability to avoid You can use your natural gifts to help other people, as well as to help yourself, which will enable the cycle of love and positivity to continue in your life and those around you. But remember, you want to use your knowledge of the past to avoid problematic issues in the future, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for signs. :)

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