Saturday, September 22, 2012

Magickal & Healing Properties of Amber

Amber is a type of stone with usually has a rich, honey brown shade.  However, it is occasionally seen in shades of green, or even some types tinged with blue or red.  This stone is actually a fossil, made from petrified tree resin.  Amber has electromagnetic properties as well; if you rub a piece of amber with a soft cloth, it will build up static electricity and lightweight objects will be able to stick to it.  Amber originates from places such as Eastern and Mediterranean Europe, Mexico, and parts of South America.

Because of its electromagnetic properties, amber has some interesting abilities.  It's great for purging the body of impurities, protecting from radioactive waves or energy from electronics, sunlight, and energy that emanates from other people.

Amber comes from trees and plants, so this connection with the earth gives it a wonderful association with nature and the earth element.  This makes amber a great choice for grounding, and for attuning with the natural elements around us.  It can also promote mental and emotional stability and help fight depression, even in its stronger forms.  Amber helps to promote positivity and a healthier outlook on life.  It can also help someone adjust to new situations and to weather changes well.

Not only does amber promote mental and emotional health, but also promote healthier brain activity.  Amber's powers may be utilized to protect the user from "brain fog" and for those who lack clarity.   It can be used for enhancing memory, logic, and powers of concentration and creativity as well.

Amber has also been thought to help ease pain in the solar plexus area, to enhance the strength of one's liver, gall bladder, and stomach.   It also can be effective to lessen labor pains when its user is about to give birth.  Some superstitions also claim that it can alleviate headaches, fever, dental pain, nose bleeds, sore throats, and bone or joint ailments such as rheumatism and arthritis.

Feng Shui lore states that, when placed in the northeastern area of a home, it can help to promote wisdom and self-improvement.  If it's placed in the southwest, it can help fill the home with love and positivity.

Amber is a great stone to have in your crystal repertoire for its versatility, its beauty, and its power.  Enjoy the benefits of amber whenever you're in need of a strong helping hand to get you through whatever challenges you may face.

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  1. I believe that each stone has abilities to heal. I don;t know if this is just placeba - anyway, it is beautiful at least.


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