Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pizza Magick!

 If you've never tried to manifest positivity before, here's a great magickal practice for the beginner.  It's also great for the seasoned practicioner!

You can use your favorite "pizza kit" mix, or get yourself (1) some pizza dough, (2) tomato sauce*, (3) cheese*, as well as the ingredients below... choose one for each element, or pick your ideal toppings based on your spell's goal.

Make according to directions, or just assemble in the common sense method (spread the dough onto oiled pizza pan, add some sauce and cheese).

Add ingredients from the list below, ideally one of each element. You can add them under the cheese, or on top of it. I like to arrange toppings in mystical shapes, such as my birth sign, the moon or other planetary symbols, even a simple plus sign will be good for imparting positive energies. You can even spell out words, like LOVE or HELP to help manifest your needs.

GARLIC/ONIONS - Banishes evil, protects the user from negativity
BASIL - Soothes anger, promotes love, stimulates Heart/Sacral chakras
POULTRY - Divination, also good for "cyclical" and spiritual repair magick.
MEAT - Male magick, enlightenment, vigor

ARTICHOKE - Personal growth, protection from negative energies
OLIVES - Spiritual awakenings, to help make decisions & reach goals
PARSLEY - Protection against accidents, mood enhancement
SAGE - Activates Throat chakra, healing energy, promotes creativity

BROCCOLI - Increased physical strength & confidence
EGGS - Feminine magick, fertility
FISH (any type) - Male & female fertility magick, sacred powers of the subconscious
TOMATOES - Love magick, repel negative energies

MUSHROOMS - For strength, courage, and to reveal hidden things
POTATOES - Primal calming energy, great for materialization magick, absorbs negativity
SQUASH/ZUCCHINI - Banishes evil and promotes awareness/clarity
CORN - For prosperity, abuncance, and friendship

 As you eat your pizza, imagine your goals manifesting.  Take the positivity into yourself and feel yourself become nourished and stronger in body and soul.  Enjoy your magickal pizza!

*Note:  You don't need tomato-based sauce or dairy-based cheese to make this pizza.  If you're vegan or have other dietary restrictions, do whatever works best for your body.  There are lots of options for all dietary needs.

Photo credit:  I got the original from  PD Photo and turned it into a heart. :)

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