Friday, November 9, 2012

Quick & Easy Correspondences for Chakras

Chakras are areas in the human (or animal) body where physical, emotional, and spiritual energy are the most concentrated.  The word "chakra" itself comes from a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel."  There are seven major chakras in the human body.

The Base Chakra, also known as the Root Chakra, is located at the base of the spine.  Its color correspondence is deep red.  The Base Chakra deals with survival, life force, and individuality.

The Sacral Chakra can be found in the groin or genital area.  The color most associated with this chakra is orange.  It is sometimes referred to as the Spleen Chakra.  The Sacral Chakra corresponds to our sexuality, feeling, and sensing energies.

The Solar Plexus is in the stomach area.  We also call this chakra the Ego Center.  This is the chakra of mental energy, willpower, and personal power.  It is often associated with the color yellow.

The Heart Chakra, which corresponds to an emerald green color, can be found in the center of the chest.  This chakra is one of love, balance, and emotional energy.  It is also known as the Cardiac Center.

The Throat Chakra is also called the Laryngeal Center; this is located in the center of the throat or neck.  It is the chakra of communication, fluid thought, and creative energy, and independence.  The color blue is often associated with the Throat Chakra.

The Brow Chakra is also known as the Third Eye.  This chakra rules over the imagination, perception, and intuitive energy.  This Third Eye is located between the eyes, and up into the center of the forehead.  It is associated with the color indigo.

The Crown Chakra corresponds to a violet shade.  It is the chakra of knowledge, inspiration, and spiritual energy.  This chakra is also called the Coronal Center, and is an area just above the head like a halo. 

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