Sunday, November 11, 2012

Vibrational Crystal Healing to Channel Your Inner Doctor

Crystals are prevalent in all places in ordinary, everyday life.  Computers, radios, televisions, cell phones all have crystals in them.  Technology can certainly benefit from their power, but crystals can also benefit people in other ways.  One new age technique that explores this concept is that of crystal vibrational healing.

Vibrational healing is done through harnessing the frequency of energy that radiates through the crystal and to a person's physical body.  This energy can cleanse the body of negativity -- sadness, fear, bad energy, and possibly even ill health -- and replace this unwanted energy with more positive vibrations.

I've heard some people claim that the physical body is never really ill, but rather it is our perception that illness exists.  I don't agree with this statement at all.  If this were true, then there wouldn't be any sick people in the world; instead, illness could be abolished by simply wishing it away.  Choosing not to believe you're sick is very risky and could be dangerous.  Instead, I believe that it's best to take sensible measures in addressing your health concerns.  See your doctor, eat well, exercise and do the best you can to maintain your body.  At the same time that you're using medical science to aid in your journey to wellness, you can also try vibrational healing to keep your mind positive and your spirit determined to fight.  This way, you will get the best of both worlds.

While you may not be able to control everything that happens in your body, you can work on your mental and spiritual outlook.  Studies have shown that meditation has had a wonderful effect on the well-being of illness sufferers.  Trying new age methods until you find one you're comfortable with, can't hurt you, and can possibly help.

The first step with crystal healing is to focus on what you want to change.  To transform your feelings or physical state, try feeling those negative states with the opposite aspect.  For example, feed fear with courage.  Feed anger with tranquility.  Feed pain with relief.  Feed illness with health.  You can use crystals as tools to aid you in these transformations.

Find your favorite crystal, or one that feels right for the job, and place it against your heart, your third eye, or any chakra where you feel the need for relief.  Center on that negative feeling or state.  Feel it strongly.  If it helps, remember a time when you felt it the most -- it can be your fear, your illness, your pain.  Now, after you've zeroed in on that feeling, imagine it being attracted into the crystal like a magnet.  Meditate on that negativity being drained completely from your body, and being trapped inside the crystal.  Envision your body being cleansed completely of that feeling as it empties into the crystal.  Now, envision a glow around the crystal as it transforms and heals the energy.  Imagine the cleansed, positive, wonderful energy filling you completely and fortifying you with positivity and well-being.

You can use this technique whenever you feel the need for some extra cleansing or peace in your life.  It is a wonderfully quick and easy form of meditation for both the seasoned meditator, and the novice, alike.

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