Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Birthday, Aquarius!

Birthday greetings to the always unique, perpetually original Aquarius!

Ruled by Uranus, Aquarians are naturally unconventional and enjoy rebelling against conventional rules, for the simple pleasure of striking out on their own and doing things their own way.  Aquarius people tend to be caring humanitarians as well, with an interest in helping humankind as a whole.  Peace and love among all people are often very important to them.  While there is sometimes a feeling of detachment between Aquarius and those around him or her, it's not meant to be an unfriendly or uncaring energy -- Aquarians tend to be dreamy and can often get lost in their own thoughts.

These are the true visionaries and iconoclasts of the zodiac!  With an Aquarius by your side, get ready for anything -- adventure and the unknown always awaits when you have a friend like this!

Happy Birthday, Aquarius friends!  We love you!

P. S.  I made some cute birthday images of each zodiac sign, including Aquarius.  I hope that you enjoy these!  They're licensed under "Creative Commons" (non-commercial only) so feel free to share them and use them on Facebook, Myspace, or wherever you like to network with your friends.  Have fun!

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