Sunday, September 22, 2013

Magic Properties of Diamonds

There is, perhaps, no gemstone nearly as famous as a diamond -- and certainly none as precious!  These stones are among the hardest in the world, and prized all over the planet for their immense beauty, durability, relevance as a status symbol, and most of all... their power.  Although they are often imitated, nothing is quite the same as a real diamond.

Diamonds come in all types of colors, though white is the hue we think of most when diamonds come to mind.  They also come in all shades of brown, yellow, grey, even pink or red!  Commercial diamonds are often treated to enhance their color or clarity, though it certainly does not detract from their beauty.  Many different colors, shapes, and crystal styles can be created through modern technology.

Many legends and myths surround this awe-inspiring gem.  As an amulet, it is known as the "mother's stone," since it helps to protect the female reproductive organs, the heart, and the circulatory system.  It is also said to protect against all manner of catastrophic issues:  snake bites, curses, fire, poison, illnesses of all types, as well as evil magicks.  Diamonds are virtually indesctructable; they symbolize innocence, purity, and beauty.

As healing stones, diamonds are very useful for reproductive parts of the female anatomy and the heart.  It is also excellent for depression, memory issues, to center and calm the bearer as it strengthens.

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