Friday, February 28, 2014

Faith For a Spiritual Awakening

Faith is a vital ingredient in a spiritual transformation.  It's easy to have faith in practical things.  If we fall, we know that there will be solid ground underneath to catch us.  If it's supposed to rain, we merely need to open an umbrella or seek shelter.  Whether we possess this faith or not, the ground shall always exist.  A strong shelter will always protect us from the elements.  However, believing in what we cannot see or know is much more difficult.  You do not need to believe in God or any one religion in order to experience a spiritual transformation, but you should have an understanding that the universe is filled with mysteries that you cannot yet comprehend.  The understanding and faith in a higher power, or the might of the universal energies around us, must be present in order to commune with the divine.  There is a love and a spiritual connection that bonds us all to one another.  Faith will open your eyes and help you to see the spiritual meanings in everything around it.  Just as a key can unlock a door to the unknown, your faith can unlock the powerful spiritual mysteries around you.  It can also unlock your heart and allow you to connect with others, as well as with the divine love which binds us all.

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