Thursday, September 10, 2015

Spotlight on Abhijit S. Kulkarni of Reliable Solutions

Abhijit Kulkarni has recently been presented with an Award of Achievement in the category of Business, as our choice for Forex Trader of the Year (Asia). He is a professional forex trader, fund manager and analyst, as well as a passionate entrepreneur. Abhijit is a unique individual, set apart from the crowd through his not just his passion for the work that he does, but also the generosity he has shown in teaching and guiding others in order to improve the forex trading community.

Ahijit’s firm, Reliable Solutions Limited, prides itself on being geared toward providing education for effective trading on a global scale, as well as developing platforms which are geared specifically toward management and education. Abhijit has designed his firm to be a unique entity, as it is the first unique brokerage which deals exclusively with the customer's interest.

However, he was not always the successful businessman that he is now. Due to economic changes throughout India, from where Abhijit originates, opportunities for advancement were not always readily available. In his earlier years, young Abhijit pursued his dreams of becoming an animator; however, once he discovered the basics of forex trading, Abhijit's interest in this profession grew into a true passion for the work. 

Despite the difficult conditions in his home country for forex market, Abhijit persevered, tenaciously educating himself in the finer points of forex trading and always seeking success. The idea for Reliable Solutions came about 7 years ago, when Abhijit first got into the forex trading field. After extensive research, Abhijit set out to discover why so many traders have struggled to succeed. A realization that the forex trading market lacked honesty and transparency in its education,  Abhijit Kulkarni set out to change the field. His pioneering spirit has truly revolutionized the field of forex trading and how its education is dispensed to forex newcomers who are looking to gain information.

We are proud to present this Award of Achievement to Abhijit Kulkarni for his relentless pursuit of success, as well as his devotion to helping others toward achieving their own goals.

Congratulations, Abhijit!  And thanks again for all that you do!


  1. This is a joke.... And an insult of the award. Abhijit has not returned investors money. I give a salute to the person giving award to this guy.

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