Thursday, April 15, 2021

Hit It and Quit It? The Real Reason Your Man Isn’t Calling Back After Sex

 Sometimes, an undeniable spark will result in a fun flirty chase. But, after weeks or months of playing hard to get, you’ve finally taken it to the next level. But wait — why’s he leaving?

It’s hard to get why men are so invested in you before sex, but withdrawn after? Aside from the chemical components which we’ve discussed earlier this year, and the guilty projecting behavior, there’s another important factor at play.

Basically, some people - male and female - will take what’s offered and move right on. They will take advantage of the giving nature of someone else, and have no chance to give anything back.

People tend to fall in love when they feel useful and needed. If your mate seems like a nice person otherwise, give them a chance to give to you. Make that connection take it to another level.

If they’re not open to contact after this, then they’re probably too selfish to bother with anyway. But don’t forget the lesson — love and connection grows with giving and receiving. Allow others the chance to give. It feels good for a reason, after all.

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