Friday, April 30, 2021

Czech-Bohemian Folk Art: Wish Bracelets!

We have here two very beautiful, delicate bracelets made from gemstone, crystal, and perla glass beads strung on very thin elastic cord.

These are wish bracelets, designed to boost your meditative powers for a time. These are delicate pieces that are meant to be worn until breaking — it is then time to speak your desire to the universe (think of it as simply making a wish or saying a prayer). 

When the bracelet breaks, you can take up as many of the beads as you can find — especially the meditation stone, also known as a touchstone — try to keep that one! You can give any or all beads away to others, or keep some to add to your own personal amulet collection.

All of the beads on everything in the shop are enchanted for a variety of purposes. These beads have been enchanted for protection and an easier removal of obstacles.

Ivory magnesite Buddha bracelet measures 6 (or almost 8 stretched) inches. It is made with gorgeous czech glass perlas in a starshaya sestra pattern in shades of black and gold, double-strung on our thinnest elastic cord.

Wood and Bohemian crystal skull bracelet measures 6 (or almost 8 stretched) inches. Composed of wood, perlas, and crystal, the piece is finished with a Bohemian crystal skull meditation stone. This bracelet is single-string on our thinnest elastic, so it is super stretchy and very delicate!

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