Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Having an Awesome Life: Lesson #1, Positivity

I have decided to dedicate 2013 to helping my readers improve themselves in a more general way.  Are you ready to have an awesome life?  Ready to enjoy each moment and live life to the fullest?  Then this is the series for you!  If you've tried all kinds of ways to improve the life you have, read on... you may find the answers you seek in my "Having an Awesome Life" series. :)

Let's start this year off on the best possible foot!  January's step toward a more awesome, more fulfilled you is the easiest (and conversely, the hardest) step of all:  Reclaim your personal power by seeing your life through a positive lens.  Now, that isn't to say that you need to ignore or dismiss all of your troubles.  However, it is important to enhance and enjoy the stuff that's already going right.  Does your day at work suck?  I'm sure you have a bad day from time to time (and possibly more bad days than good!) but think about all of the good stuff about your day-to-day routines that you love.  Are you surrounded with anyone who brightens your day or makes things bearable?  Despite whatever is going on around you, have you somehow managed to make your rent or mortgage payment?  Even small things, like getting a chance to wear your favorite jeans, or the taste of your favorite home-cooked meal for dinner, or "something good" on TV tonight can be a bright spot in your day.  Try to deal with the crappy stuff, but don't forget to focus on the good stuff.  And even though the saying "every cloud has a silver lining" is ridiculously trite, it's a saying for a reason -- so don't overlook those blessings in disguise.  And when you find things that make you happy -- even if it's just a favorite game online or the soft feeling of your pillow and blanket at bedtime -- acknowledge it to yourself.  Realize that these tiny things are also a part of life.

Try using your positive lens every day.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how those little bright spots can add up.  Take comfort and happiness wherever you can get it, and learn how to apply that positivity to other less-than-stellar areas of your life as well.

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