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Aries Psychic Sage Forecast for 2012!

Aries Psychic Sage Forecast for 2012! 

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January:  Your focus should be on new beginnings this month.  There are some pieces of unfinished business which are making it difficult for you to move on.  In order to get to the next phase of your life, you must allow yourself to grieve for these losses.  Remember that what you do will come back to you this year, so be sure to surround yourself with positivity and light.

February:  You must focus outward throughout February.  Certain people will need your help, and it will be your duty to be there for them in ways that they cannot do for themselves right now.  Criticism from others may bring you some inner pain this month; however, do your best to disconnect your feelings from the source of this.  Remember: it's not personal.  Use what you learn to improve yourself.

March:  Instead of fantasizing on what might be possible in the long run, now is the time for you to concentrate your energies only on what you can do right now to improve the world around you.  Dwelling too much on possibilities for the far-off future will prevent you from being able to accomplish the challenges which are currently right in front of you.  This month will pass quickly for you, so make the most of it.

April:  New information will yield some wonderful surprises for you throughout April.  A new relationship will bring surprising opportunities for collaboration in creative an unusual ways.  Enjoy seeking advice from someone unique and unconventional, who sees the world in a different way than you do.  Your perspective will change and your horizons will broaden.  Discover the beginning of a whole new facet of yourself.

May:  You will make some important realizations halfway through an important undertaking.  Perhaps there are better ways to handle what you've got in front of you, but the best you can do is damage control at this point.  Celebrate your accomplishments and move on -- prepare yourself for what next month has in store.  You will need plenty of energy for what's ahead!

June:  Stay close to home this month, and try as hard as you can to save money for a rainy day.  Rest, recharge your batteries.  There are secrets around you, but for the time being, it's better to accept the fact that some questions don't have answers.  Instead, devote your time to learning as much as you can about the circumstances that are right in front of you, right now.  The other truths will reveal themselves in due time.

July:  This month, devote some time to what thrills you.  Lately, you've been feeling like a puzzle with some of the pieces missing, so you must find ways to make yourself whole again.  Consider joining an organized group that is devoted to a serious passion of yours.  Find the joy and excitement that you've been lacking this year.  Celebrate what you love, revel in the fun of the things that bring you joy.

August:  An event from your past has been haunting you recently.  In order to get your current issues in order, you must first go back and reevaluate what has already transpired.  Allow yourself to grieve.  You're now strong enough to investigate issues surrounding these, and also open enough to learn from any mistakes that you or others have made.  

September:  While last month brought some feelings which weighed heavily on your heart, September makes you feel lighter and happier than you have all summer.  You've been working hard to for the peace of mind that you've finally achieved.  Reflection is an important part of this process.  Maintain that positive attitude; it should hold you in good stead for quite some time to come!

October:  It has been said that we are never given burdens which are too heavy for us to manage.  This theory will be put to the test for you this month as some rough patches begin to show.  Fortunately, your quick-minded optimism shines through and helps you to keep on guard to not just meet, but conquer those challenges this month.  You're on the top of your game!  Enjoy the power!

November:  The time for action is now.  Share your good fortune with others, but don't forget that you serve as a role model to people much more than you know.  You are admired for your strength and your ability to gain the upper hand in challenging situations.  Teach your ways to those who want to learn.  Not only will you enjoy the satisfaction of giving and helping others, but you will also be providing valuable information to someone who truly deserves it.

December:  You feel as if you're ready to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor for the year.  Some enjoyment is definitely due, but remember that you also must be planning your next steps thereafter.  This year has brought you some new hardships which you've addressed admirably; you have also been able to resolve quite a bit of unfinished business.  This year has wrapped up well, so now it's time to think what you'd like 2013 to bring you.  Start planning now!

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