Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Beauty & Power of Crystals

Crystals are a paradox of strength and fragility. From the earth, these amazing stones possess an ethereal beauty and power. Crystals are lovely decorations, but they also serve practical functions as well. Crystals are relatively soft minerals, often categorized by their lead content. Because of their malleability, they can be shaped in an infinite number of ways to capture and reflect light.

Not only are these brilliant minerals awe-inspiring in their natural states or when cut into lovely shapes, they can also be used to make goods for the home, such as vases, serving utensils, candelabras, and wine glasses. Crystal is versatile and goes with everything, so it's often a "go to" style when choosing gifts for someone special. They make wonderful pieces for the household, as they can mix well with a casual and informal style, as well as the most elegant!

Many people use crystals for healing and to aid in their meditations. They can be used this way for a multitude of holistic practices. Since the dawn of civilization, people have been using crystals to aid in their mental, spiritual, and even physical health. Some people will acquire collections of them to arrange in various ways throughout their home, believing crystals will promote their health, peace of mind, and abundance. Some wear crystals or keep them nearby during meditation to help them focus. When worn, they can not only be powerful conductors of positive energy as they lie close to the body, but they can also enhance any outfit and express your own personal sense of style.

Crystals, and crystal items, can be found everywhere from high-end shops to jewelry stores, from specialty new-age shops to the corner drug store. The best part is that crystals and crystal items can range in price from only a couple of dollars or less, such as Swarovski crystals, all the way up to famous gems like painite or jeremejevite, which are considered priceless. You needn't spend a fortune to enjoy the beauty of crystals, however. Not only are they versatile and widely available, but crystals can enrich anyone's life with their brilliance.

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