Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quick Color Correspondences

Lots of people use color for spiritual practices, such as rituals, prayers, or spells.  Some people choose certain colors for various "lucky" purposes, believing that a specific shade might help to elicit a feeling or attract good things their way.

Color magick is a very special subject to me -- I feel that all colors have important significance to my own personal well-being.  Bright colors are difficult for me to be around, though I do love vivid and deep shades of darker hues.  And, like everyone, there are some colors I gravitate toward, as well as some that I wouldn't be caught dead wearing. :)

Below is a quick-and-dirty list of basic correspondences.  Feel free to check other sections of my blog in the future as I'll be doing more articles on color magick in the future!

Red is very often associated with the planet Mars (the red planet!).  It's a color of the physical body and usually symbolizes very visceral and passionate feelings feelings, such as lust or anger.  It is excellent for promoting physical health, love, and protection.  However, remember, the darker your red, the more violent your outcome may be!  Light reds and pinks are good for soothing anger and calming someone when they're in a difficult emotional state.

Orange is a mixture of red and yellow, thus carries both of these elements within its power.  Warm orange shades are fantastic for physical healing and to promote vigorous health and growth.  A more yellow-toned orange is best for prosperity and abundance.

Yellow is a very happy, positive color which is often used in rituals to combat sadness, anxiety, or depression.  It is also good for promoting understanding between two parties, as well as enhancing communication and memory.

Green is frequently associated with money and financial prosperity here in America, because our money is green.  However, as a general rule, green is one of the best colors to use when you're seeking good health, as well as seeking assistance with matters of nature (such as planting or gardening).  Like yellow, it is an uplifting color, and has the ability to also promote positivity and good feelings.

Blue is my personal go-to color for spiritual protection and personal safety.  Any shade will do, from the darkest navy to the palest periwinkle.  It is also proven to be a relaxing and emotionally soothing color, particularly in lighter incarnations.

Purple has long been the color which is most associated with royalty.  It is a combination of the passion of red and the submissive of blue, so with it carries a balance of these feelings -- a mix of the intense and the soothing.  This makes it a wonderfully grounding color, helping with emotional balance and honor, with a focus on helping the practitioner find the moral high ground and do the right thing.

Brown is a color that I often associate with nature and sensuality.  It can be used in spells or rituals involving the earth or its elements.  Brown is a grounding and stabilizing color as well.  It's also just right to use when dealing with protection and well-being of animals.

Black is often thought to be a color of "evil," but in reality, it's just the opposite.  Black represents the unseen and unknown.  This makes it a perfect choice for protection.  Because it isn't really a color, but a lack thereof, it's the best possible color for cleansing, absorbing and destroying negativity or unwanted energies.

White is a combination of all colors, and therefore is what every practicioner needs for a good "all purpose" item.  If you don't have the right color, or can't quite figure out which one to use, white is your best bet.  It symbolizes purity and a powerful connection with the divine.

Grey is similar to black in that it can absorb negativity, but I've heard that it's better for neutralizing rather than destroying that energy.  Because this neutral shade symbolizes the middle ground, neither one thing nor the other thing, grey is the right choice for rituals of glamorie or ones involving hidden or private activities.

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