Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Beauty & Mystery of Agate

 Agate is a lovely type of crystal with a smooth sheen; it is part of the quartz family.  It occurs naturally in North America, as well as Australia, Morocco, and some South American countries.  Many different types of agate exist, and quite a few of them feature multiple layers of color.  Agate is often a bit opaque and can be found in a stunning array of shades -- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, pink, white, grey, and more.

As with many types of crystal, agate has its own special healing properties to improve the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of its users.  It is often used for relaxation and balance, to ground and provide tranquility to its owner.  Agate is also useful for improvement of logic skills, eyesight, to bring hidden abilities to the forefront, and promote agility.  It can also be used for pain relief, and can promote healing of the lymphatic, circulatory, and respiratory systems.  Agate can also promote good digestion and a healthy appetite.

Each color of agate has its own specific healing abilities as well:

Fire agate is a gorgeous multicolored stone that often features reds, yellows, and browns prominently.  It can enhance the user's natural sense of courage and alleviate fear and anxiety.  This type of agate is also helpful to enhance psychic abilities, blood circulation, and the nervous system.  It can also aid in digestive issues.

Rose agate is an excellent choice for soothing wounded emotions.  It can promote forgiveness and healing of a wounded soul.  It is said to enhance the owner's capacity for love and caring.

Botswana agate is an amazing type of agate streaked with white and many shades of grey, sometimes brown and pale blues as well.  It is said to promote physical virility as well as fertility and passion, inspiration to artists, emotional peace and protection.

Moss agate is named for its mossy green and white speckled appearance.  It evokes associations with nature and freedom.  Moss agate is thought to help with health issues such as skin problems, inflammation, and infections.  It can also help the owner feel less emotionally trapped and promote a sense of freedom.

Lace agate has a delicate blue color range.  We often associate it with positive thinking, happiness, and relaxation.  It can be used to help calm stressful situations where emotions run high, or to cleanse the user of negativity and promote optimistic feelings.  Physically, it is said to be good for joint health and flexibility, thyroid issues, fever, inflammation, and trouble with the neck and shoulders.

Violet agate is another excellent choice for fertility help.  It is thought to be especially useful to women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant; violet agate can also be used to lessen the pain and problems of childbirth.  Additionally, it can be good for helping promote feelings of empathy and understanding between people.  

Brown agate comes in all types of rusty red and brown shades; everything from coffee to caramel!  It's an excellent choice to promote digestive health.  It can also be used to enhance the workings of the liver and pancreas.  Brown agate can also work to help pets and other animals, as well as to ground and stabilize the user.

White agate is an excellent all-purpose type of stone,  but most specifically it can be helpful in assisting the body in expelling toxins and promote regenerative healing.  Spiritually it does much the same thing, helping to clear the mind and soul of negativity and to enhance one's ability to not only think with clarity, but also to learn and develop further abilities faster and with greater ease.

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