Monday, April 30, 2012

Guardian Angels & Your Pets

I would like to preface this article by thanking for providing access to lovely antique public domain images.  I couldn't find any pictures of animals dressed as angels, but did find and color this lovely bunny from "Alice in Wonderland." The name of the image is "white rabbit," though later I realized that I didn't quite color him the right way -- I realized my silly mistake and felt a little dorky.  Without even thinking about it, I decided to color the bunny brown so he would match my lovely Siamese sable rabbit, Jarvis.  Oh well, he still looks cute anyway!

If you're anything like me, you're an animal lover.  Pets aren't just random living things which inhabit your home, but are actual parts of your family.  I love mine, and in return, I get much love from them.  If they were to become ill or lost, I would be devastated.  I have cared for my rats and bunnies through illnesses, moves, various personal trials and tribulations.  They are a part of me.

Some of my friends have been getting me thinking a lot about guardian angels, or benevolent forces and entities which exist to help us on this earthly plane, in order to make our lives safer and more manageable.  While I have not yet decided if I believe in angels, the concept itself is fascinating to me (hence, so many articles about them here on ConsultTheSage.Com!).  If angels are here to serve us and to protect us from harm, what about our pets?  Can angelic power help them as well?

Over and over again, I have heard that angels are out there and ready to help us at any time -- we only have to ask them.  Apparently, they cannot interfere with our lives unless the situation is dire; but if we voice our needs and wishes, ask the angels directly and out loud, they are honor-bound to do what they can to help us.  

A few years back, my mother had lost one of her two beloved Maltese doggies, whom she'd had for years.  My mother's dogs are pure-bred Maltese, and so spoiled that they have their own bedroom (and little beds!) at home.  These dogs are like my mother's extra children -- they provided comfort and comic relief to all comers when her husband was struggling with lung cancer; and after he was gone, their furry presences continued to give her an immense amount of emotional support.  My mother is a steadfast believer in angelic presences, and when her dog was missing, it was only natural that she would ask help from every departed person that she could think of.  When I was a child, she once explained to me that whenever she was in trouble, she would ask her late mother for assistance.  "After praying to God, I always ask her for help too, because she's my mother!  If there's anything she's able to do to help me, I know she'll try to."  Makes sense, right?  Eventually, my mother's dog did return home, but not after a very long and adventurous journey.  How her very pampered little dog was able to survive on his own for as long as he did remains a mystery.  

I do believe that fate is involved with animals and how they cross our paths.  I've seen this enough times in my own life.  Many of my pets seem to have been placed into my life by a divine presence, a knowing entity who understood how seriously I commit to my pets.  I have had pets who were very difficult to care for; disabled, very ill, or with behavior issues that I needed to work with.  I know that very few people would have the patience to deal with some of these little ones.  But somehow or another, I have always been drawn to specific pets or chose just the right time when they were available. It's a double-sided process, though, and we are able to love and heal one another.

If you're looking to aquire a new pet (and please adopt a pet instead of buying one!), check the internet for ideas first.  Educate yourself about the animal's care, then start browsing available animals.  See if your guardian angel can guide you toward a certain animal -- if you feel a "spark," you're on the right track!  Sometimes that "spark" may lead you to a pet who has already been adopted, but that's OK.  Perhaps there's someone else nearby that you've just been led toward.  This has happened to me several times.  I like to keep my eyes and heart open for important signs.
Sometimes pets can get sick.  Obviously, anyone would be concerned and stressed when this happens.  Don't be afraid to verbalize your need for help to your guardian angel.  Even if you know little about your protective entities, say the request out loud -- just ask "(Spirits, angelic presences, or name a relative that you know would love to help you): will you please do what you can to help my sick (dog, cat, bunny, etc.) recover from this illness?"  Do your homework, find a great vet (one who specializes in your type of animal!), and have faith.  Some illnesses are easy to treat, and some much more difficult.  However, it doesn't hurt to ask for help.  Even when your pet is just going for a routine checkup, you can request help from your guardian angel to make the visit smooth and easy, and to cause as little stress as possible for your little one.

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