Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sex Goddess Lesson #2: The Basics of Sensuality

Actress Yvonne Mitchell knew the importance of pampering oneself!

The next step in transforming yourself into a goddess of sensuality is to simply allow yourself some of life's more sensual pleasures. I'm not talking necessarily about sex (though, of course, that is one of those pleasures!)... it can be simply anything that you enjoy seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting, or hearing. Relish some fine music, a gorgeous view. Set the table with your "good" dishes, cook or order a fine meal, dress up and be a wonderful hostess to the most important guest you'll ever serve -- YOU!

Spoil yourself rotten from time to time! You have already dressed to impress yourself, so now it's time to pamper and please yourself. If a quiet meal at home isn't your thing, try going out for a one-person date. See a movie, get a wonderful dinner, go shopping. This is the time to give yourself whatever it is that you desire; while this may or may not involve something sexy, it should involve giving yourself pleasure and enjoyment. Don't wait for someone else to treat you the way you wish -- do it for yourself. Give yourself permission to have what you desire -- take what you want. Having that power, seizing it and using it will make you feel very special. Remember that a woman who takes what she wants and who savors every morsel of life is a hot woman! And please note that this isn't about spending money or going into debt; spoiling yourself can be as simple as splurging on the $5 shampoo and conditioner if you're used to buying something cheaper at your local dollar store. If you have a few extra dollars that you can spend without hurting yourself, by all means, treat yourself. But if not, there are zillions of ways that you can enjoy yourself without spending any more than you usually do. Invest the time and consideration in yourself instead. It will make you feel great, and that positive pleasure-seeking attitude will enhance your overall appeal.

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