Monday, July 1, 2013

Having an Awesome Life, Lesson #7: Small Victories Add Up

One important facet in leading a life of utter awesomeness is the concept of having goals.  Even the things that you think might be small, stupid, or unworthy can actually be very important pieces to your awesome life!

Make a list of goals that interest you.  Again, they don't need to all be insanely elaborate or ambitious -- it could be simple things like getting your hall closet organized, catching that new movie that you've been seeing ads for all week, or trying a new restaurant for dinner.  These things can really help on your journey to awesomeness, because even getting those small things accomplished can lead to a richer life experience.

Sometimes, we have small life goals... things that we've always wanted to do, yet never had the chance.  It might be something as simple as taking advantage of your vacation time and driving to some local tourist attraction that you've always thought about seeing.  Or, maybe you just want to make a phone call to reconnect with someone.  Get those little tasks accomplished!  You'll feel fantastic knowing that even a small victory can be an important one in leading an awesome life!

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