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Mental/Cognitive Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening

Mental/Cognitive Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening

Changes in dreaming.  You may be experiencing some vivid, crazy dreams!  Everything is brighter, more detailed, and much more vivid than you have remembered your dreams to be.  Sometimes, you may be frightened to go to sleep because of the detail of your dreams can be slightly alarming.  Perhaps you find that you're remembering the dreams better as well.  One's dream life is another way for the higher powers to communicate with you.  Or, perhaps you're experiencing lucid dreaming, where you have more control over what it happening to you.  Try keeping a dream journal and writing down what you remember of your dreams, as they are often clues and messages from your own inner self.

Psychological, mental, or emotional confusion.  You may reach an epiphany where you begin to see all of the loose ends in your life.  You feel as if you need to get these things straightened out, but may also feel a sense of overwhelming at the thought.  It can be a daunting task to know where to begin.  The best advice that I can give you here is to take baby steps.  Decide which things that seem the easiest, or things that seem the most important, and get started on tackling them.  Although you may feel like things are a real mess right now, you can straighten these things out one step at a time.

Learning quickly, and working things through in a much more efficient manner than you did before.  You seem to be picking things up a lot more easily than you previously did in the past.  A rapid sense of understanding and quick learning seems to be pervasive in all aspects of your life.  Some people call this "being in the zone."  This is one of the benefits of a spiritual awakening: feeling that connection with other people and things, as well as to yourself, can be of great benefit to you spiritually and personally.  You may also have more internal fortitude to deal with personal issues which you previously did not feel brave enough to tackle.  Again, this is another benefit to be enjoyed.  Part of a spiritual awakening is finding that courage that you never knew that you had, and allowing it to be a new source of strength that you can call upon when you need it.

Brain fog is another common side-effect of a spiritual awakening.  You may experience moments between complete clarity, and total brain fog.  The creative, emotional, and psychic abilities are also often affected for the positive during a transitional period.  The left side of your brain -- the one that is in charge of keeping order, memory, organization, and focus -- may become duller when comparing to your right hemisphere, which controls your creative, visionary, and psychic impulses.  As your right brain becomes stronger and more thoroughly utilized, the left side may occasionally suffer some drawback from either being underutilized or from lack of interest in certain things which may previously have been more important to you.  This can result in forgetfulness, "brain farts," or procrastination in doing things that require additional focus and concentration.  You may need to push yourself a little harder in order to strike a balance.

Impatience and the consciousness of time as it passes.  As you experience the changes that go along with a spiritual awakening, you become keenly aware of the seconds as they slip past you.  You want to make the most of each morsel of time that you have, to harness all of the gifts that you currently possess. This may manifest as a feeling of impatience or even a sense of overwhelming as you struggle to determine how best to use the time you have.  Try to make lists and keep focused on one task at a time.

A feeling of restless energy which makes it difficult to relax.  With all of the physical and emotional changes that you are experiencing, it's no wonder that you're having trouble centering and calming yourself into a state that is fit for sleeping.  You may have trouble falling asleep, or once you have slept awhile, issues with staying asleep.  This is a fairly common phenomenon during the time of spiritual awakening.  Some people find it helpful to sleep in cycles of a few hours throughout the day, enjoying frequent naps rather than one 8-hour sleep session.  Do what feels right for you.

Memories from the past break through to the present.  Sometimes, we repress memories intentionally.  Other times, things that seem insignificant at the time may resurface during a spiritual awakening.  Pay attention to what's going on around you, and see if there's a way to draw correlations between what you're remembering and what you're currently living.  Don't force more memories to resurface; they will do so when the time is right, and when they do, you can use them to learn more about your current life path.

Feeling dizzy, experiencing vertigo.  Sometimes, we need a little extra grounding.  Sometimes you may feel a physical or spiritual lightness after overcoming a spiritual or emotional state of chaos.  We may feel dizzy, unbalanced, or fear falling.  This is a very common symptom of a new spiritual awakening.  Take care of yourself, rest, and give yourself some time to adjust to the new physical state.  Some say that you need to ground yourself by adding more protein into your diet; check with your doctor and do what feels right.  Be very careful, take things slow, and don't push yourself beyond your means right now.

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