Saturday, May 1, 2021

Is the Wendigo Real? Uncovering the Mysteries of This Strange Creature

What is a wendigo? Does it really exist? And can you actually talk to a wendigo?

Of course, you can.

  The creature’s real name is the Indigenous Nations of Canada. It was invented by the Ojibwa — some tribes refer to the wendigo as “wepetowica” — a term that means “One who devours,” “evil spirit” or “gargoyle.” The meaning and origins of wendigo aren’t clearly defined, although there are some theories. The best evidence points to the Wendigo being a giant person-eating monster that was a creature depicted on the blankets of Ojibwa caribou hunters, who also hid from it in order to feast and drink alcohol.

In addition to the local Cree and Ojibwa, the legend also dates back to Algonquian tribes from New England, but no exact details have been uncovered. According to the song, it was a beast, described as a “skeleton or a large blue or green skinned monster that was a terrible terror to run from.” 

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