Sunday, May 16, 2021

How to Help Yourself Heal Emotionally

with a hand pressed up against a rainy window, she sighs...

A lot of people don’t understand why they can sometimes feel anxious, depressed, tired, lonely, sad, we’re just generally lacking the coping skills to deal with life when things get real.

There are so many reasons why we struggle with our mental health. Everything from genetics to brain chemistry to traumatic incidents that shape the way our brains function – all of these things are factors in how our psyches function.

Self healing is really just self soothing. Most of us learn how to self soothe when we are in our infancy. We might feel lonely or stressed, we miss our parents, and we cry for them. In a normal scenario, even a perfect one, parents can’t always be there to kiss our boo-boos. So, we learn how to soothe ourselves, to cure our own ills, to use our own logic and instinct for healing.

It’s never too late to learn how! Here’s a quick into to what has worked for me and those that I’ve coached. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Is the Wendigo Real? Uncovering the Mysteries of This Strange Creature

What is a wendigo? Does it really exist? And can you actually talk to a wendigo?

Of course, you can.

  The creature’s real name is the Indigenous Nations of Canada. It was invented by the Ojibwa — some tribes refer to the wendigo as “wepetowica” — a term that means “One who devours,” “evil spirit” or “gargoyle.” The meaning and origins of wendigo aren’t clearly defined, although there are some theories. The best evidence points to the Wendigo being a giant person-eating monster that was a creature depicted on the blankets of Ojibwa caribou hunters, who also hid from it in order to feast and drink alcohol.

In addition to the local Cree and Ojibwa, the legend also dates back to Algonquian tribes from New England, but no exact details have been uncovered. According to the song, it was a beast, described as a “skeleton or a large blue or green skinned monster that was a terrible terror to run from.” 

Friday, April 30, 2021

Czech-Bohemian Folk Art: Wish Bracelets!

We have here two very beautiful, delicate bracelets made from gemstone, crystal, and perla glass beads strung on very thin elastic cord.

These are wish bracelets, designed to boost your meditative powers for a time. These are delicate pieces that are meant to be worn until breaking — it is then time to speak your desire to the universe (think of it as simply making a wish or saying a prayer). 

When the bracelet breaks, you can take up as many of the beads as you can find — especially the meditation stone, also known as a touchstone — try to keep that one! You can give any or all beads away to others, or keep some to add to your own personal amulet collection.

All of the beads on everything in the shop are enchanted for a variety of purposes. These beads have been enchanted for protection and an easier removal of obstacles.

Ivory magnesite Buddha bracelet measures 6 (or almost 8 stretched) inches. It is made with gorgeous czech glass perlas in a starshaya sestra pattern in shades of black and gold, double-strung on our thinnest elastic cord.

Wood and Bohemian crystal skull bracelet measures 6 (or almost 8 stretched) inches. Composed of wood, perlas, and crystal, the piece is finished with a Bohemian crystal skull meditation stone. This bracelet is single-string on our thinnest elastic, so it is super stretchy and very delicate!

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Is Ghost Train Haze Indica or Sativa? (And other questions about GTH.)

 So, is Ghost Train Haze an Indica or a Sativa? It’s actually a cross-breed of both — with Sativa dominance. So while it has the dense sturdy look of an indica plant, the trichomes contain a more Sativa-based high.

Ghost Train Haze is a light, sweet, sativa dominant that was origininated by Rare Dankness. The strain is a cross-breed between Neville’s Wreck and Ghost OG.  While this strain is a sativa dominant, it has a strong resemblance to indica plants with its rich hearty buds teeming with crystalline trichomes. 

The scent is sweet and hypnotic, a cross between lemons and greenery redolent of a tranquil spring garden at sunset. 

Ghost Train Haze is also quite strong, as well. This super strain can work magic on physical problems such as pain, general malaise, and digestive problems. You can also look to Ghost Train Haze to treat depression, but careful if you’re prone to anxiety as that heady sativa could make you anxious or jittery. 

I highly recommend this strain for creative types — I was able to write 5 blog entries in a day on Ghost Train Haze recently. If you’re suffering from some writers’ block or artistic burn-out, relax with some Ghost Train Haze to get those creative juices flowing.

I do not recommend this strain for meditation unless you’re following a cannapsychotherapeutic therapy plan (i.e. trauma management) under the advice of a medical professional. 

Monday, April 19, 2021

Jewelry Design: Evil Eye Earrings to Protect from Negative Bullshit

Cleaning out my bead stash, as well as releasing some of my personal collection into the world! Here I have a pair of handmade enchanted seed bead earrings! Each bead in every bracelet has been individually selected to work in harmony with the others, and all have been enchanted to give your vibe a little something extra.

All of the beads on everything in the shop are enchanted for a variety of purposes. These beads have been enchanted for good health, enhanced creativity, and a little extra sparkle of coolness in your aura! (If you have an enchantment request, convo me whether you do or don’t buy. I’d love to help.)

Dangly earrings made with a fabulous array of czech glass seed beads in apple green and gold, shimmery blue perler beads, silvery acrylic fringe beads & evil eye beads; folk art style, strung on nylon thread, on stainless steel French hooks.

Toughies are strong and are made to be stretched, fidgeted with, and used for meditation. They’re unique and magical just like you. Don’t be too tough though, use responsibly!

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