Friday, March 22, 2013

The Cross Crystal Grid: An Easy Crystal Grid Layout for Pain

I have recently seen some searches to my blog which are seeking crystal grid layouts, so within the next few months I'm going to try adding some for you. :)

This grid layout is an easy, but somewhat unusual one.  You only need four crystals for this grid layout.  My personal preference for this layout is to use green and orange crystals -- tourmalines of either or both shades, agate, or amber would be perfect choices.  If you can find tourmalines in both orange and green, that would be ideal!  Orange is, of course, the color of the sacral chakra where many of our pain management abilities are stores.  And the green represents the heart chakra, which I feel can help to lessen the worry of the pain itself.  Trust me, when I have a fibromyalgia flare-up (and even when I don't!)  I stress about whether or not some activity is going to make me hurt.  Green is a stabilizing and comforting color here!

You can use typical polished or tumbled stones for this grid, but I have found that it can be even more powerful when choosing crystals which have points.  The unusual thing about this layout is that the points actually focus inward, as opposed to outward and away from the body.  You are essentially harnessing your own energy in the achy spot, and helping it to fight the pain and soothe your body naturally, as opposed to seeking an outside source of energy. 

It may be tempting to add more crystals than four, but I'd keep it to just four.  This layout is meant to be simple and fuss-free.  Besides, more than four points focusing inward might be too much energy in one spot.  Keep it gentle!

You can use this layout anywhere on the body that you choose.  If you need to surround the body part with the crystals instead of putting them directly onto your body (such as with a smaller area, like a finger or an earlobe), that's fine.  The crystals don't need to be on or off the body specifically, as long as the points are facing the area of discomfort.  I have used the back in my example because it's a relatively common pain area, as well as a big part of the body, just to show you how it's done.

I hope this layout is helpful for you! :)  Namaste!

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