Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sex Goddess Lesson #3: Glamour Basics

Feeling happy and free can help you to feel beautiful, too!
Once you've learned to focus on what makes you sexy, dress to play up those physical or mental qualities.  Now, this doesn't mean that you should be glopping on the makeup, squeezing into push-up bras, pinchy shoes, and miles-too-tight clothing and then parading around in public like a piece of meat on display. If these are things that make you feel like a sex goddess, then knock yourself out.

But this really should be just about what you feel is sexy, not what other people do. Do certain fabrics just make you feel lovely and special -- silk, satin, velvet, lace?  Even a conservative clothing item that features sensual fabrics can make you feel different.  Perhaps you feel best in something that's comfy and cozy, or something chic and slinky and fabulous.

Maybe the clothes don't matter as much as the attitude -- try some deep red lipstick or sassy shoes to channel your inner vamp.  Even a spirtz of your favorite scent can make you feel especially alluring and intriguing.  It doesn't really matter what you choose, as long as it evokes that wonderful Goddess-like feeling.

Envision yourself as a Goddess in your private chambers, pampering yourself with your own special beauty rituals.  Whenever you're having an especially sad day, or you're just not feeling awesome, do this beauty ritual to cheer yourself up and get in touch with your inner sensuality.

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