Thursday, March 28, 2013

Emotional Signs and Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakenings can trigger amazing things inside your mind, heart, and of course, your spirit!  A spiritual awakening can also have interesting effects on your physical body.  In this entry, we're going to look at some of the changes which a spiritual awakening can cause in your emotional arena.  (We'll look at other types of changes later this year.)

Here are but a few of the signs of a spiritual awakening:

A stricter sense of morality.  As your spiritual awakening is experienced, you start to understand the importance of living your true will.  Along with this understanding comes a desire to treat other beings with honor and respect.  Secrets, lies, or actions that deter you from your true will may become increasingly difficult to participate or tolerate.  You place a new importance on honesty and reciprocity in all dealings with others.

A conscious need to seek your soulmate, other half, or twin flame.  When we experience a spiritual awakening, we may have the desire to share this experience with someone close to us who can understand.  In the event that you are single and seeking that person, your commitment to the search may have intensified since your awakening has come upon the horizon.  Remember that if you want this encounter to happen, you must continue to work on your own life in order to prepare and welcome this soulmate.

An anxious, nervous sense that something significant may be about to occur.  You may be experiencing worry, suspicion, or the perception of a significant impending event.  Try not to allow fear or worry to get the best of you.  Take things slowly and work on one small issue at a time.  The feeling about what's to come may be a natural reaction to any surprise, good or bad. 

A heightened sense of emotional sensitivity.  Even small things may suddenly become overwhelming to you.  You may cry easily, become sad or upset at things that may perhaps not have affected you so much in the past.  You may also have unexpected and intense bouts of inexplicable bliss, profound elation, comfort and peace.  The heart chakra may also be presenting with aches, pains, or a sense of pressure.  This is often due to your chakra opening and accepting new information or energy.  Try to be open to your newfound sensitivity; let the feelings ebb and flow naturally.  Try some cleansing exercises or deep breathing as you allow the chakra to naturally expand, strengthen, and grow.

A new need for solitude and alone time.  During a spiritual awakening, you may feel that being around others is more draining of your emotional and psychic resources.  Even if you're very gregarious and love people, they can be especially draining and taxing as you're more attuned with your own inner changes lately.  Perhaps you just want to stay home more instead of going out and doing the things you used to enjoy.  Or, instead of running with your usual crowd, you are now preferring to keep to yourself.  You may not be depressed or anxious, but you might just need this time alone.  Go with it an enjoy, but do your best to keep connections with others alive -- you don't want them to think you've forgotten about them!

A newfound need for spiritual connection and meaning.  Your spiritual awakening will spark a craving for purpose and a deep desire for understanding of the world around you.  It is also possible that, for the first time ever, you find yourself longing for something you cannot name.  An inner peace or a connection to spiritual ideas in order to make you feel whole.  Listen to your heart, and go where it takes you.  This can be an exciting time in your life to learn and grow!

Moments of newfound clarity.  Perhaps you're going through a significant epiphany in your life now.  After what may be an entire lifetime of living or thinking in a certain way, a shift in perspective (through whatever means) has caused you to see things in a whole new light.  You may feel a stronger attunement with your higher power, or with a force that is greater than yourself.  You may find yourself suddenly more concerned with humanity or healing the world around you.

A sense that you have gone through some changes, or that you are currently experiencing change.  You may not feel the same as you used to feel.  You may not even be able to pinpoint what those differences are between the old and new "you."  However, the differences are there, and you can sense them even if you are unable to put the changes into words just yet.  Remember that that best is yet to be.  Continue to move on this spiritual journey and you will be able to find these answers. 

A heightened sense of creativity.  This one is huge for many people!  It could be that the changes you've been witnessing inside yourself are simply giving you more to think about, and therefore you are feeling more inspired than you ordinarily are.  However, you may also be attracting more creative impulses, or setting off an enhanced ability to draw inspiration from external sources.  As you pick up these new ideas, do your best to keep track of them for future use.  They may be needed not just for new projects that will require future attention, but also as a way to chart and track your own spiritual progress.

A deep need to find your true sense of self and life purpose.  What has worked for you in the past is just fine, but when a spiritual awakening occurs, maybe your old ways of doing things are simply not going to work for you anymore.  You may feel restricted by attachments, people, or lifestyles which do not suit your true purpose.  You may need to let go of toxic relationships or bad situations that do not enable you to live your true will.

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